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August 11, 2023
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Businesses are like babies in a sense. They need to be fed with information, money, time, and energy and have to be nurtured to their true potential. However, unlike the 18-year mark, when children go off on their own, businesses need more nurturing, and their growth abilities never end. That is why more and more tools have come up over the last few years. They want to help ensure that trajectory constantly stays positive and those resources of time, energy, information, and money are fed most efficiently to the growing business. We are no different; we want to enable savings with Quixy and push past those growth bumps.

The average employee takes up over 15 tasks in a day and uses over 35 job-based applications. This means that it is not only the scope of work for an individual but also the methods required to adequately complete that task. However, considering that most of these applications do not co-exist on one platform or within the same interface, there is much time lost in making those switches. It is time that is used to switch between apps, feed data twice, and create updates for different groups in different places that can be repurposed towards so much more.

Additionally, that means that these organizations are paying a lot of money for application subscriptions. But that brings back the question, with all these important tasks, how do we solve this problem? Furthermore, how can this be addressed while not creating any kind of compromise for functionality or features?

Savings with Quixy Decluttering Workflows and Bringing Joy

This is where we step in. Quixy has created a no-code platform with the capability to help you achieve exactly what you need from the variety of software your organization used to use. Quixy is one no-code platform that will centralize all functions and services to ensure optimal business success on one single platform. All while ensuring huge savings with Quixy.

Not only that, but Quixy will also help you integrate and automate processes. No more time wasted in tedium, all at a significantly better price tag.

Still think this is all too good to be true? At Quixy, we truly believe the proof of our affordable, no-code success lies in the pudding. Here is a rundown of our experiences with one such client looking to move towards a more customized and centralized approach.

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The Approach and Results Of This Case: How Much can you Actually Save with Quixy?

The client, being aware of the types of applications and their general usage across the organization listed, demoed tens of these applications for the usage of his organization. Some of which had some integrated features, others not customizable, and even a few full-service with automation capabilities, such as Quixy. From this lot, the client landed on Quixy due to the no-code capabilities they enjoyed and used it to recreate the individual function-based software he thought fit his organization best. He also used quixy to maintain integration between this software.

Savings with Quixy

The results of making this shift are about $8000 in savings a month! That means about $96,000 a year, completely not including the time and training required for coding and building custom solutions using traditional development. With all this saved money being put to better use, the time saved through pre-designed templates, and more effectively, this client was saving enough to be able to hire more employees every year. So let’s break down how this took place and how the organization was able to save so much money.

The results of making this shift, about $8000 savings a month! That means about $96,000 a year!

1. Project Management Software

Having a personal to-do list is the norm. These are often free-to-use software that has mobile and desktop functionality. Their purpose, however, is to create lists and reminders for one person and not an organization. The average cost of good task management software can be pretty steep, especially if you are looking for increased functionality. This means collaboration, management, multi-step projects, automatic entry and notification, and more.

Quixy, on the other hand, is much more practical. Not only does it not charge extra for increased functionality, but it also lets you use that functionality as per your needs; it allows you to build automatic and customized workflow processes and approval systems. These can be customized to the project, the team, or even the department, saving time between revisions.

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2. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) application

While this is one of those applications that seem to have an honestly adorable base rate, CRM application for actual constructive usage can get very, very pricey; for a good cloud-based CRM solution, you will often have to pay an arm and a leg, and you will not even be able to fully customize the processes to your own needs. With Quixy, you can spare yourself the cost of customization add-ons, training for new groups of people, and, worse of all, not being connected to your other systems, such as those that generate invoices.

Quixy will ensure you and your employees can easily work together towards your sales goals without working across four platforms. Often, between which data is easily lost.

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3. Human Resource Management System (HRMS)

Without a successful recruitment process, none of the other functions are possible to execute well. While looking for a specific quality and quantity of individuals to join and maintain within your organization many variables come into play. Quixy can be easily modified to ensure that all of the relevant information is made available through a central dashboard and the processes are made as easy as possible. Quixy also ensures that through the process of collaboration, no information is lost in translation, and paper is not added to the approval processes.

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4. Timesheets

While people no longer have to punch in and out time manually, timesheets are still relevant. These are important to track the hours spent on work activities. Timesheets are essential for time-sensitive projects and allow HR to understand performance and, in some cases, for the accounts team to bill the customers for T&M projects.

While the world has created software to do this, Quixy has created the option to create one through its no-code interface. Not only does it allow for basic tracking features, but also conditionally formats it based on the type of employee. In this particular case, this feature was used in time-based request systems and made it easy to track the progress of a project.

5. Employee Expense Management Application

The most important thing about expense reports is seeing that less money was spent than anticipated, and Quixy helps your organization achieve that. Not only can the expense report entry system be created per the organization’s needs, but the information and data are also directly sorted out as per the HR and Finance team requirements. Not many consider this realm for savings, but switching to Quixy will really make changes for you.

While it seems like a small amount to pay for an expense-tracking app, Quixy adds a huge number of features that would never be a part of an individual application, such as security permission levels and a document generator.

6. Helpdesk Management

Any organization requires a helpdesk tool to service queries, service requests, and issues from its employees and customers. These queries, service requests, and issues may be related to the support teams, e.g., HR, IT Support, Accounts, General Administration, Quality, etc., or the help desk teams providing support to external customers.

With Quixy, the client built a helpdesk tool to automate all the service request processes for their support departments, with dashboards providing live data on the ticket and Service Level Agreement (SLA) compliance status.

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Savings with Quixy: The Final Calculations

Considering all the enterprise applications customers built, the organization could save $8,000 a month. This is a lower-end estimate as most organizations have more functions, all of which are customizable under the Quixy umbrella.

What’s even better is that Quixy offers a free trial and demo of their services and provides support once you are enrolled, making usage of the no-code setup significantly easier. At the end of the day, all the little things do add up, and this is a great example where making a small change is for the better.

Get Started Today! Empower your organization with automation and customized app development without coding. 

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