Platform Updates
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Quixy release 2.2 comes with some exciting platform updates. For a detailed note, please refer to the release notes in the Quixy platform.

New Features

Scheduling option to send Grid Reports

Users can now schedule grid reports to be sent to any email address on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

User Interface Improvements

We’ve made many significant improvements to the user interface across the Quixy platform to give all our users a better and easy experience when using the platform.

Improvements in Web Application

Location type element added in Data Table to store/retrieve location value

Users can now point to any position on a map in an application and store its value as longitude and latitude in a datatable when app data is stored in a datatable and retrieve the same to display as a position on a map in any application. This functionality will now reflect in the mobile application as well.

Enhancement in Parallel Workflow

Users can now extend the workflow process to perform parallel tasks and simultaneously connect them to one successive step. Users can also configure sequential or conditional workflow steps under each parallel workflow step, as needed.

New way to access any customer account with a PIN

Quixy customers will now have an additional security feature to generate a PIN and share it with the Quixy CS team to enable the Quixy CS team to access their account for any issue resolution. The PIN will ensure the Quixy customers their account safety and security.

Watch Webinar: What is inside Quixy’s latest January 2021 Upgrade?

Improvements in Mobile Application

New Notifications icon added in mobile application

Users will now have a notification icon added in mobile application to see the user comments.

If you are an existing user and have any questions about these features or any suggestions for new features, please feel free to write to us at support@quixy.com.

If you would like to evaluate if Quixy is the right fit for your enterprise, sign up for a free demo here.

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