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September 15, 2021
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We have successfully concluded the first-ever virtual hackathon for Quixy. The main objective of the hackathon was to address workplace inefficiencies through the power of no-code.

The truth is there are inefficiencies in any workplace. The power and flexibility of the Quixy platform are helping organizations build solutions to bring transparency and improved productivity to their workplace. All without writing any code. Through the hackathon, we wanted to inspire the participants to address workplace inefficiencies through this hackathon and build solutions for unique problems.

We had 17 teams who participated in the hackathon. The evaluation was based on the originality of the idea, scope & impact, presentation, and implementation. The teams could come up with a healthcare solution, an aerodrome licensing solution, an invoice processing app and so much more! The hackathon lasted for two weeks, and we had three winners at the end. The winning teams were:

First Place: Invoice Processing App by No-code Ninjas

The team comprised of Mohammed Farhan, Ricky Davis, and Konathala Raviteja.

No-Code Ninjas Screenshots

The team managed to secure the first position for their efforts towards finding a solution to the real problem of invoicing problems for content writers the company was currently facing. Invoice processing through emails resulted in the delay in payments. The team came up with an invoice processing app that could efficiently address the problem by providing an app to the freelance content writer to automatically generate invoices based on the published content data available in the system, thereby eliminating any need for verification. This app will eventually cut down payment delays. 

Second Place: Outpatient Management App by Tech Troop

The team comprised of Srikanth T V, Raviteja Bompally, and Arshiya Mohammad.

Tech Troop Screenshots

The world is moving towards digitization, and so is healthcare, getting rid of paperwork, and the need for Electronic Medical Records (EMR). Process automation is in great need in healthcare. In this context, the idea of this team was to build a solution to automate the outpatient management process. The team managed to secure the second position as they could come up with an app to automate processes such as patient registration, doctor’s prescription, and billing, etc. Automating these processes can save time and facilitate everyday workflow operations to run smoothly.

Third Place: Aerodrome Licencing App by AIMS Team

The team comprised of Anuj Jain, Prasanthi Kandru, and Rakesh Kumar.

Aims Team Screenshots

The team created an Aerodrome licensing app to handle the list of all licensed AAI airports, all regulatory activities about Licensing of Aerodromes, Directorate employee information, Notices, and Various Documents, etc. It also generates various types of alerts and reports.


The various app ideas submitted by teams addressed problems related to diverse industries, which busted a common no-code misconception that no-code can only automate simple workflows and can be used to build only simple applications. The reality is: no-code platforms like Quixy can build complex apps that can facilitate business users to create comprehensive enterprise-grade applications. Moreover, this hackathon also managed to prove that it is not only easy to build apps on no-code platforms, but these platforms also allow employees to innovate and find solutions to their unique problems.

Some of the other noteworthy apps submitted by teams other than the winners include:

1. Automated Support System, using Artificial Intelligence to reduce the time and human effort taken to resolve any support tickets received from various platforms like WhatsApp, Email, External Support App, etc.

2. Vehicle Management System, for Bike payments, Repair Bike, Bookings, Delivery. The idea is to build an app for users to find the nearest service center, get its location and select any of the services provided by the respective service center. The user can send requests for pickup and dropoff, appointments for servicing, etc.

3. Health Tracking app for tracking and monitoring food intake of an individual. The idea of this app is to provide health monitoring services for users. It will enable users to track their health history, intake of food/diet, and progress in health activities.

The panel of judges who reviewed the apps consisted of industry leaders and Quixy’s product management team.

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The Takeaway

Hackathons are an excellent way for organizations to make employees learn about new technologies and adapt to them. Hackathons are usually held to inspire participants to create unique solutions, and Quixy’s hackathon was a huge success in that regard, demonstrating the platform’s capacity to build a wide range of enterprise-grade apps.

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