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August 10, 2023
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The journey of employees from keeping records on registers to getting data systematically in the way they want is appreciable. The adoption of technology in the digital workplace has radically altered the way we work, compared with how our ancestors did, but also made our life easier. Technological advancement has considerably changed the modern workplace, and it’s been quite a drastic shift for workers as they have created a virtual office that allows them to work remotely, using technology to connect with colleagues, clients, and vendors. The advent of technology in the modern workplace began long ago, and now its effect on our work lives has become more profound.

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Some aspects of how technology affects the modern workplace

As millennials and Gen Z employees continue to dominate the modern workplace, technology has become an increasingly important part of the workspace. It is more important than ever to provide them with the tools they need to succeed.

Automation – the time-saving solution

Employees spend a lot of time on manual and repetitive tasks and automating these processes frees up employees to focus on higher-return business ventures. They can concentrate on higher-return business endeavors, such as providing more attentive customer service and incorporating new client relationships. Using workflow management tools, accounting tools, and other data integration systems to automatically collect, upload and synchronize data into a record system eliminates human errors.

BYOD devices and workflow management tool – the cost-effective solution

A study by Cisco reveals that companies save an estimated $3,150 annually per employee that uses their device. Companies can benefit if their employees start working from home and use their own devices while managing them through the workflow management tool. Organizations implementing BYOD device policies don’t have to purchase new hardware whenever they hire an employee.

Business process management tool – productive solution

When you give your employees access to the business process management tool and let them use it in the best way, your company will experience increased efficiency and engagement. This means that the quality and quantity of work produced will be more outstanding, which will help boost revenue. Profit margins increase when employees are happy because turnover rates decrease and loyalty improves.


Procurement process automation – the intelligent solution

In the Digital workplace, technology can provide more personalized and faster customer service. It allows businesses to market to their target markets more effectively. Leveraging data to place targeted ads, identifying customer pain points through social listening, and providing immediate assistance by using live chatbots, automated emails, or with the help of procurement process automation, businesses can differentiate themselves from competitors and increase long-term loyalty.

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Let’s conclude

Calculating the benefits and limitations of the technology in your workplace might challenge businesses in the future, but it is a necessary step. Changes brought about by recent developments will almost certainly arrive eventually, but now they’ve come. Every business needs to evolve and remain a competitive, effective workplace. Before adopting any new technology, one must find various ways to leverage it.

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