• generative AI and ChatGPT in the Digital Workplace
    The Role of Generative AI and ChatGPT in the Digital Workplace
    Reading Time: 11 minutes

    Right now, the most advanced technology is generative Artificial Intelligence that uses algorithms, deep learning, and neural networks, among other things, to create new things. It doesn’t just follow instructions, it can learn on its own from billions of different points of data. Generative AI is great at creating things. It can make art. It

    WFH Meaning
    WFH Meaning: Understanding the Definition and Significance of WFH
    Reading Time: 12 minutes

    Embracing a new way of working, Work From Home (WFH) has revolutionized the traditional concept of office-based work. But what does WFH mean? In this engaging exploration, we dive into the definition and significance of WFH, unraveling its impact on productivity, work-life balance, and the future of work. It is now abundantly clear that working

    Hybrid Workplace Model
    5 Types of Hybrid Workplace Model and how to implement them
    Reading Time: 11 minutes

    There have been many changes in the business world in the recent two years, so many organizations have turned their work environment into a hybrid work culture. These alterations brought many challenges to the organizations as they were unprepared for this adaptation.   Now, as time passes, organizations also learned to adopt this hybrid working culture

    what is Hybrid Workplace Model
    What is Hybrid Workplace Model?: The Future of Work
    Reading Time: 8 minutes

    Wondering what is hybrid workplace model? Working from home seemed like a far-fetched dream a few years back for people who do not enjoy long commute times. It became a necessity in the previous two years and has now taken the shape of a progressive business strategy. The hybrid workplace model introduced as the product

    Hybrid workplace statistics
    50+ Hybrid Workplace Statistics that you should know in 2024
    Reading Time: 8 minutes

    With the upcoming trend of the hybrid work model, there exists a misconception that hybrid work and remote work are similar. While this is not true, if you are dealing with the same misconception, before moving forward with the hybrid workplace statistics, let us have a brief overview of remote and hybrid Work.   What is

    Balancing Tech and Human Touch
    Bridging the Gap: Balancing Tech and Human Touch with Strategic Empathy
    Reading Time: 9 minutes

    In an era defined by technology and virtual interactions, the essence of leadership is evolving. But how do you excel in balancing tech and human touch? Empathetic leadership in the digital age is the answer. It’s about understanding that behind every email, video call, or chat message is a human with feelings, aspirations, and challenges.

    Remote Workforce
    6 Tips to successfully manage your Remote Workforce for Better Productivity
    Reading Time: 8 minutes

    According to one estimate, nearly 36.2 million Americans could work remotely by 2025, reducing commuter miles by 70 to 140 billion annually. Moreover, 74% of 2,050 full-time remote workers said working from home feels better for their mental health. This means that the remote work that came with the pandemic is only here to stay. As a manager,

    Remote Work
    5 ways how Remote Work can improve your Company Culture
    Reading Time: 4 minutes

    This article was first published on Customer Think. The pandemic, as we all know, has permanently changed the way workplaces function. Even when normalcy is restored, it is common knowledge that a hybrid model, instead of a fully in-office model will drive workplaces. There has been a lot of debate regarding the impact and consequences

    Tips to build effective Team collaboration
    Effective Team Collaboration: Why Is It So Important? And 5 Tips to Build.
    Reading Time: 5 minutes

    Organizations after organizations have realized this- their employees are the most important driver of their competitive advantage. This makes employee collaboration of the utmost importance, as it allows a bunch of talented professionals to bring in the best of their work and ideas and allows them to build on it. Therefore, today’s digital workplaces emphasize

    Digital workplace
    Beginner’s Guide to Digital Workplace – All You Need to Know
    Reading Time: 12 minutes

    Today, we shall discuss a concept combining two of the most used words in recent times – digital and workplace. That’s right; this article is dedicated to the digital workplace, which is currently the need of the hour. What is a Digital Workplace? The digital workplace is the use of digital transformation at work to

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