Remote Work
5 ways how Remote Work can improve your Company Culture
Reading Time: 4 minutes

This article (5 ways how Remote Work can improve your Company Culture) was first published on Customer Think. The pandemic, as we all know, has permanently changed the way workplaces function. Even when normalcy is restored, it is common knowledge that a hybrid model, instead of a fully in-office model will drive workplaces. There has

Digital Workplace
A Recipe to Successfully Set Up a Digital Workplace
Reading Time: 6 minutes

This article (8 steps to successful technology adoption of a Digital Workplace) was first published on YourStory Companies in the new age digital workplace are constantly evolving due to the fast-paced business environment we are in. Change is inevitable; a company has to be able to adopt new technologies and get its employees assimilated with it

Digital workplace
Digital Workplace – All You Need to Know
Reading Time: 6 minutes

Today, we shall talk about a concept that combines two of the most used words in recent times – digital and workplace. That’s right, this article is dedicated to the digital workplace, which is currently the need of the hour. What is a digital workplace? The digital workplace is the use of digital transformation at

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