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Excel sheets have long been a staple for managing and organizing data, but they come with limitations when it comes to collaboration, scalability, and automation. Enter Quixy, a powerful no-code platform that revolutionizes data management by seamlessly transforming Excel sheet to data tables. With Quixy’s intuitive interface and robust functionality, businesses can effortlessly convert their static spreadsheets into interactive and automated data tables, unlocking a new level of efficiency and productivity.

Here, we will explore how Quixy empowers users to harness the power of data by quickly and easily transitioning from Excel sheets to dynamic data tables, enabling streamlined workflows, real-time collaboration, and data-driven decision-making. Say goodbye to manual data management and embrace the future of data tables with Quixy. Let’s see how!

Effortless Data Management: Converting Excel Sheet to Data Table with Quixy

Sam & Sneha are tasked with digitalizing the Excel sheets into a centralized data system. After a few hours, Sam is frustrated by the number of Excel sheets he has to convert into data tables; Sneha, his colleague, is always looking for new ways to make her job easier. When Sam asked Sneha whether she knew of any tools that could help him, here is what she said: 

The solution has another solution.  

Sam, does Acuting training say that 66% of office workers use Excel at least once per hour and 38% of office workers’ time is spent using Excel? In all this, the procedure of converting Excel sheets into data tables takes a long time. It occasionally results in chaotic data organization, but what if I tell you I have another solution for a solution?  

Wait? Sneha, what is another solution for a solution? You need clarification. 

Initial approach 

Sam, do you know that the Quixy platform is bundled with tables, which is typically an area to store all your data? The great part is it looks like an Excel sheet with column headers. 

It helps convert Excel sheets to data tables, and I am using that to maintain data like phone numbers, names, email IDs, etc. It has saved my life by organizing and digitalizing all the data effortlessly. But the only problem is we have to type everything manually, and, as you know, everything doesn’t fit in a pocket. 

Updated approach  

But guess what?! The good news is Quixy has introduced a new feature that allows you to directly upload an Excel sheet and convert it into a data table, so everything now fits in the pocket. 

Just follow the steps  

Follow the steps below to convert your Excel into a data table:

1. Select

Take an Excel sheet that you want to convert into a data table; you can select the database option and go to “Create data table.”  

Select database

2. Upload 

 Select the option of “Create using Excel” and upload the external Excel file you want to convert into a data table.  

Select excel sheet

Sneha, What if I want to convert only specific data from the Excel sheet to a Data Table?  

3. Refine column

Sam, you can edit the column according to your preference and refine the field table by your priority if you want to keep only three to four columns from your uploaded Excel sheet. For example, if you want only the date, name, and email id from the sheet, you can easily edit the field in the table and mark the one needed.  

Refine columns

4. The data Table is ready  

Hurray! You made it; just one last step, click the option “next,” and here it is your data table in just a few seconds 

data table

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What are some benefits of Quixy’s data table? 

Discover how Quixy’s data table functionality revolutionizes data organization, enabling efficiency, scalability, and automation in a user-friendly interface

Time Saver  

It brings all the data in one place, which will help you access all the data easily managed and accessed. The need for a centralized strategy to store and manage data has never been more crucial as businesses now depend on more data sources than ever. 

Data Security  

We understand the importance of data privacy and security. Customers must have trust that their privacy will be handled securely. In relation to such data, Quixy handles the ensuing privacy commitments as a data processor. Your provided data will always be maintained under security and privacy. 

Data centralization and distribution  

It brings all the data in one place, which will help you access all the data easily managed and accessed. The need for centralizing data to store and manage data has never been more crucial as businesses now depend on more data sources than ever before. 

Quixy is easy  

We all struggle with converting Excel to Data tables; trust me, that struggle is a real task. But not anymore; if you can easily create a data table by following a few simple steps, who wants to go the hard way?  

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Sneha, do you know of any use cases in the industry? 

Yes, of course, I do  

Use cases in the industry

Quixy, a versatile no-code platform, has proven to be a game-changer across industries, revolutionizing how organizations streamline processes, enhance productivity, and drive digital transformation. Let’s delve into the world of Quixy and uncover a range of compelling use cases in diverse sectors.

Data migration from the old system to the new system  

The different ways that data is stored in multiple systems are the major cause of data migration difficulty. For example, before you can upload data into the new system, you must convert it into a new format if you transfer it from an older database to a newer one. Quixy will help you to transfer data easily with high security and privacy.  

Keeping data  

Sam, the way you are keeping the data is another usage of it; it organizes all the data so that it becomes easy to access. Procurement, inventory, employee 

Organizing data in one place for future reference.  

Do you have a large file with extremely important data which can be needed in the future but need help knowing where to keep it? You can upload the Excel sheet, which will convert into the data table and keep your data in one place; now, you do not have to worry about your data anymore.  


Sam was struggling with converting Excel sheets to tables, organizing data, and keeping them safe. But he understood that with quixy, he doesn’t have to be tech-savvy to understand the platform. You can upload any Excel sheet with data, and the platform will assess the data columns and show a preview of it, review your columns, and publish the data table. For Sam, converting an Excel sheet to a data table is just a piece of cake.  

Experience it for yourself by giving Quixy a try. Try it for free!

When you have Quixy, everything seems Easy. 

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