Digital Business Strategy
Digital Business Strategy Post-COVID-19: Top 5 Goals to Accelerate Business
Reading Time: 9 minutes

This article (Digital business strategy post-Covid-19: Top 5 goals to accelerate business ) was first published on ITProPortal Digital business strategy in organizations around the globe has made us see some major wrecking in 2020. The pandemic has very evidently left the phrase “business is as usual” in a faraway land and time. The idea of

is no-code viable
Is No-Code viable for your business? Breaking down the Benefits and Ideal Users
Reading Time: 5 minutes

With constant innovations in the technological landscape, there can be confusion about new offerings that are becoming popular. One such new offering is low-code no-code development. To non-technical people, no-code can sound like a dream – being able to create applications with no technical knowledge needed? Amazing. However, no-code might also sound too good to

Procurement Automation
5 Procurement Automation Processes to Embrace Today
Reading Time: 6 minutes

Procurement Automation is the (not so) secret you need to procure today. No, this isn’t going to take forever. We promise.  We have all been there, stuck, because of complicated procurement processes like supplier on-boarding and contract reviews. And we know how frustrating and costly invoice processing and manual data entry errors can be! And

low-code no-code boom
Low-Code No-Code Boom during COVID-19 Pandemic
Reading Time: 5 minutes

This article (Low-Code No-Code Boom during COVID-19 Pandemic) was first published on Nasscom Community No industry has escaped the clutches of COVID-19; but the digitalization of business, especially with the recent low-code no-code boom, rose as one of the most viable solutions that saved very many companies amidst the current situation. With low-code no-code having been

Future of work
The Future of Work: Adapting your Skills to Succeed
Reading Time: 5 minutes

It is believed that we are living in the fourth industrial revolution. Things are changing so fast that we have no choice but to learn to adapt and be resilient. In the future of work, professions that don’t exist today may even turn up. According to a recent report, 85% of the jobs that today’s

big vs fast companies
Big vs Fast Companies: How to Use Speed as a Competitive Tool in Business
Reading Time: 9 minutes

It has become more and more evident over decades that in the fight between big vs fast companies, speed and agility have contributed significantly to organizational success. Yes, it is not the only factor that determines business competency but is definitely one of the factors that can be used as a competitive tool in business.

Digital Experience
Digital Experience: Accomplish Value with No-Code
Reading Time: 7 minutes

Digital experiences are the key accelerators of business processes today. To stay on top of the industry, organizations need to embrace what we like to call “digital transformation”. Digital services and operations are elevating the competitive bar everywhere. Incumbents must grab the opportunity and embrace a transformation that dramatically improves the digital experience for customers. 

Success with no-code
5 ways to achieve Success with No-code Low-Code
Reading Time: 5 minutes

Success with no-code low-code has enriched businesses and their capabilities little by little. No-code low-code enabled digital innovation is rapidly changing how processes are mapped out, followed, and supported.  With little to no coding experience required, no-code low-code application development has created a massive digital upheaval. The movement of today, yes that’s right, it’s no

LCNC: Is it completely worth the hype?
Reading Time: 7 minutes

So, software and applications in businesses are absolutely normal. Even businesses that used to use paper to do all of their businesses are making the shift to digital. This is no longer a trend and it is here to stay. But what is LCNC, what does it mean and why is it important to this

technology priorities
Top 5 Technology Priorities for Enterprises Preparing for Economic Slowdown
Reading Time: 4 minutes

COVID-19 has spelled doom for enterprises world over. Half a year into the pandemic, we are still reeling from the effects it has had. The economy seems to be spiraling out of control with no respite in sight. But, it’s always a game of survival. Those who adapt, build resilience and define technology priorities for

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