benefits of no-code
Top 10 Benefits of No-Code App Development
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The benefits of no-code are being enunciated with each passing day because no-code has established itself as the winner in the IT space. Truly gone are the days when writing lines of codes were necessary for app development. Today, you can develop even enterprise-grade apps in a jiffy! No wonder it’s catching the attention of

Low Code No Code App Development
10 Top Reasons for IT to Consider Low-Code No-Code App Development
Reading Time: 6 minutes

Low-code/no-code development is on the fast-track to being the norm. Organizations, large and small, have started embracing it thanks to the many benefits it showers on everyone involved. For anyone who is still not sure, we list out 10 top reasons for IT to consider low-code no-code app development. Reason 1 – IT is spending

Business Process Automation
Top 10 Business Process Automation Benefits
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Business process automation is rapidly becoming a strategic enabler of market control. Technological innovations and the growth of cloud computing facilitated the transformation of business processes from ‘re-engineering’ to ‘automation’. The Business process automation market is projected to reach 12.7 billion USD by 2021. Today, the aim is to maximize automation rather than re-engineer it.

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