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ricky davis
February 12, 2021

Hyderabad, India, February 12, 2021 – The AnaSys Analytics and Systems Club of IIM Raipur organized a workshop with Quixy on the 12th of February, 2021. Quixy gave a detailed account of the foundation of Application Development and Process Automation using no-code. The evangelism of no-code continued with this being a free workshop for future leaders studying at IIM Raipur. The leading no-code platform definitely succeeded in encouraging these MBA students to think differently and further innovate.

According to a survey by Gartner on business unit IT, the increase of expenditure by IT by the business was because of a spike in software development as claimed by 46% of the respondents. Another survey maintained that 41% of respondents have initiated citizen development and 20% of the remainder are planning to begin citizen development initiatives. Moreover, its importance in India has significantly boomed too, especially recently with India in the line to have the fourth-highest number of billionaires by 2023 after the USA, China, and Russia. The future workforce is being built and prepared; citizen development is a vital part of that and Quixy’s workshop for these MBA students was a way to normalize these key aspects of the digital era.

Today’s fast-paced and go-getting business environment requires technology that meets its dynamic expectations on a continuous basis. Technology has to be agile and make business processes more efficient and this has to be adopted by industries if they wish to stay relevant and grow. This fulfillment of this requirement can be helped by no-code platforms which act as empowering forces in businesses by process automation and rapid customization and development of enterprise-level software solutions without traditional coding or the assistance of a professional developer.

After explaining the importance of citizen development in the workshop and its importance in tackling the IT backlog faced by most companies, the students were split into teams by Quixy and were made to create differing applications within one hour. After this, the teams were made to demonstrate the applications they created in that much time and to showcase how it worked for everyone else.

The strongest asset of a company in today’s day and age is the value and security of it’s business data. Furthermore, the practical usage and general usability of applications in an easy and seamless manner is very important. This was conveyed to the students who also posed very clever questions about these applications that are of significance to industries today; some of which included the extent of ease of use and whether no-code application development can lead to security threats.

After this Q&A session, the workshop was concluded by re-establishing the value of empowering citizen development, attaining visibility in the operations that are handled and also making use of the tools available to leverage the best possible solutions.

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