India Digital Empowerment Meet and Awards (IDEM) 2022
Ricky Davis
November 17, 2022

Hyderabad, India, November 17, 2022 – Quixy, the advanced No-Code platform that has been named in the Low Code Application Platforms (LCAP) Value Matrix 2022 by Nucleus Research, participated as a Digital Transformation Partner in the 3rd edition of India Digital Empowerment Meet and Awards on 17th November 2022.

The agenda of this event was to bring digital transformational leaders, PSUs, and Industry leaders from various government departments to empower them through digital innovations.

While talking about transforming government delivery services through technology and innovations in the panel discussion, Kumar Vineeth, IAS Special Secretary IT & Electronics & MD, UPDESCO Government of Uttar Pradesh, said, “In the last two decades, our lives have changed. With the advent of social media, there is a great demand for accountability and transparency from the government. Government has to be very clear about the promises made and executed for the benefit of the common man, which means it has to be more agile because the demand of consumers is increasing.”  He also added that “the response has to be quick and objectively clear, and the government has to deliver citizen-centric services efficiently.”

Mr Gautam Nimmagadda, Founder & CEO Quixy said, “The one very important thing that we keep saying repeatedly is the initial resistance when newer technology comes in. We see certain sections of policymakers or the public who are early adaptors. These are the ones who drive innovation. Once the initial action is hit, whether AI, No-Code, etc., we see that these initial adaptors drive innovation, not just in their government departments but across the govt. sectors. He also added that “any government has two facets, client experience and internal employee experience. We strongly believe that if the employee experience is fantastic, the client experience will also be fantastic. There is a lot of focus on the client experience, but we notice that there is not enough focus on employee experience.”

The event successfully highlighted the importance of citizen-centric services and why the strategies are to be made, keeping in mind the ground-level needs of citizens. It also highlighted the need for enhanced employee experiences and how they will improve client satisfaction.

Earlier this year, Quixy participated in the GITEX Global 2022 in Dubai, UAE. It also participated as a Digital Transformation Partner in Digitech Conclave 2022 and an application development partner at the 7th edition of the PSU IT Forum.  

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