Women in Quixy - Womens History Month
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March 24, 2022
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Creating an inclusive workplace based on respect, transparency , and empowerment has always been on top at Quixy. Hence, it doesn’t come out as a surprise that the Female to Male ratio of Quixy employees is 40:60 as compared to that of 34:66 in the industry.

The “Women of Quixy” is a group of female employees of Quixy formed to create a space that offers strong peer support to its members. Events like productivity programs and leadership workshops are a few of the things Quixy does for its women employees to keep them motivated. In honor of Women’s history month, Women of Quixy honors the challenges, potential, and achievements of the women in No-Code Tech achieving success.  Here’s what women in Quixy have to say about their experience in tech, some of them have also shared a piece of advice they have for women exploring careers in tech.

Avanthi Amara: The one leading from the front

Our customer success lead, Avanthi Amara, who has been a part of Quixy for more than one year, here’s what she has to say.

How is life for the women of Quixy?

Working with Quixy has always been fun, and undoubtedly, working here makes you strong, both as an individual and professional. I only have a list of great experiences which I am looking forward to keeping on adding here at Quixy, love the spirit of teamwork I share with my colleagues.

Do you see yourself any different from the other  male employees?

I would surely say that there is still a long way to go, but yes, I’ve started to understand everyone, being empathetic and taking decisions that are best for the team. (Certainly not related to any gender)

How do you balance your work life?

Remember, how you manage your time is up to you and your call.  Efficiently working will not add to stress or pressure. I make sure I have a list of tasks planned with buffer time for ad hocs.  A nice walk, watching movies and series, visiting my grandpa’s place (spend time with him and my cute little cousins) are the things I do when I’m not working.

Any one thing about work-life you wish you knew earlier?

That being mediocre is the self-harm we do to ourselves. Excel in whatever you are doing!

Avanthi Advice to Women

Nivedita Reddy: Cracking the work-life code

Nivedita is a working mother and has been a part of the tech industry for the past 14 years, this is what Nivedita wanted to share.

What has been the driving force to get you where you are today? 

One thing that I have always thought and believed, which is important for every woman, is independency. For some reason, I never wanted to rely on others and I think that has been the driving force for me.

How did you get into the technology sector? 

I never thought I would get into the technology sector, but in engineering, I had to take Information Technology. And then, I realized that I was interested in coding but it’s amazing how I ended up being part of a no-code platform.

What do you think is the best part of being a woman in the tech industry? 

The best part of being in the tech industry is every day is challenging and also there is always a scope to learn new things. I love to code and if you do what you love, that itself is the best part.

Since you are a mother, what does a day at work looks like for you? What are the difficult parts and easy parts? 

My day starts with multi-tasking between office calls, waking up my kid, and getting him ready for his classes. The difficult part is definitely so much multi-tasking but the good thing is it lasts for a few hours only. The best part is flexible working hours and working from home balance these hectic few hours and also gives me the freedom to spend some time with my kid.

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What do you do in your me-time? 

Me time – It is a little difficult to find me time but whenever I feel like I want some break, I mostly cook – cooking is like relaxation to me or I just go to my terrace, enjoy the cool breeze and listen to music.

Nivedita Advice to Women

Women in Quixy are breaking the barriers and are coming across as an inspiration to men working with them. Here’s the piece of advice Women in Quixy has for women exploring careers in tech.

Piece of advice from Women of Quixy to Women who wish to work in tech

A carrer in tech is a marathon, not a sprint

Shireesha Kunusoth

Develop a figure it out attitude so that even if you don’t know something you can always figure things out.

Misha Porwal

Some sort of relevant experience makes it easier to crack a job in IT industry.

Nayanika Bhattacharya

Embrace failure ,Make your own path and also Never look back in regret!!

Anjali Varghese

If you believe in it, Go For It!

Snehal Sadashiv Kilanjar

As long as you have that desire to work for it, everything will fall into place. 

Mahi Kothari

Always be studying, always be growing your skills, and always be challenging yourself.

Supriya Govind Baksh

Never forget what your passion is , may be not now at some point of time the ball will be in your court , until then love what you do  : )

Krishna Keertana Nalla

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