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August 10, 2023
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With technology adoption across businesses all over, the way of deriving information to assist with learning and gaining knowledge has changed significantly as well. The Top 10 BPM Podcasts is a helpful article to give you a gist of the best listens we have come across.

Podcasts, in general, have evolved from niche media over the last few years to one of the most common ways to get news and information. Business process management podcasts can be an invaluable resource for those in the know or those who need to know about it.

List of Top BPM Podcasts

The following list is what we found to be the best podcasts for business practitioners is in no particular order. Let us know if we missed out on anything as this is not an exhaustive list.

1. The Project Management Podcast

“The more companies understand the importance of sound Project Management, the more will your skills be in demand. Project Management is the means used by companies today to turn their vision and mission into reality. It is also the driver behind transforming a business need into a business process. The Project Management Podcast looks at how project management shapes the business world of today and tomorrow.”

Solutions Review

Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, this is one of the BPM podcasts hosted by Cornelius Fichtner that is brilliant for both. With over 400 episodes about subjects related to process management that offer a deep program showcasing strategies for success for small businesses.

This podcast was started and remains until today Cornelius’s love project that he does on the side. He founded the OSP International LLC in 2006 and ever since then, he has utilized podcasting to help more than 50,000 students prepare for the PMP exam by teaching project management; the podcast is used as a preparation guide.

Where to listen:

2. Process Excellence Network

Process Excellence Network or PEX Network is a site that gives advice from experts as well as insights from leaders all over the world in operational and process excellence. This has one of the BPM podcasts that features an exclusive series of practitioners who have excelled in processes from varied industries.

Knowledge is shared in one to one interviews as well as panel discussions with new episodes coming out every week showcasing the latest trends, insights and advice.

Where to listen:

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3. HBR IdeaCast

Harvard Business Review has BPM podcasts where you can discover new ideas with an old-school provision of advice on innovative strategies and leadership. This is gained from the world’s best management and business experts to create global leaders of tomorrow.

The podcast comes out on a weekly basis featuring these thought leaders with business and management expertise. 

Where to listen:

4. In Process Podcast

The In Process Podcast has a range of conversations with experts in business showcasing new tools, techniques, and ideas in general to assist the growth and success of your business. The Host Evelyn Ashley brings you these talks featuring the importance of change being the only constant in business and the continuous challenges that are faced.

Where to listen:


5. Control Amplified: The Process Automation Podcast

Another one of the BPM podcasts in this list includes the Control Amplified Podcast hosted by Control editors Keith Lason and Jim Montague provides interviews and discussions that are in-depth with experts in the industry about essential topics in the field of process control and automation. It goes a step further than Control’s online coverage and prints to go over underlying, subtle problems affecting suppliers, system integrators, users, and more in these industries.

This is available on most podcast applications for download.

Where to listen:

6. Hack the Process: Mindfulness Meaningful Progress on your Plans

A podcast about taking action on your plans, and building your business, your career, and your life around sustainable and satisfying processes that support mindful and meaningful progress.”

Hack the Process

This podcast is hosted by coach and writer, M. David Green who uses it to help people make constantly improve by making effective collaboration an everyday practice. He coaches companies and individuals in a varied and widespread range of industries that excel in tech to assist them in the improvement of their processes so as to boost productivity, flexibility, communication, and the leader’s life quality.

Where to listen:

7. Workflow

Workflow is one of the BPM podcasts that enable company’s teams to find and learn the best possible ways to work, enable meaningful collaboration with each other and others and ultimately get work done in the most effective manner possible. This podcast is on Rindle.

Where to listen:

8. Disrupting Business Process Management

Flowforma’s Disrupting BPM podcasts feature episodes wherein interviews are conducted with leading thinkers as well as the customers of the FlowForma itself to enquire and speak to them about their journey of digital transformation.

Paperless offices are the way to go and this podcast’s recommendations can assist you in learning the best practices from your colleagues in the business world.

Where to listen:

9. B2BiQ

In this list of BPM podcasts, B2BiQ is one that features in-depth personal talks about various subjects related to the disciples of business such as Shared Excellence, Customer Management, Customer Excellence, and Process Excellence.

It is hosted by the AI Network Editor and host of the AI Network Podcast, Seth Adler.

Where to listen:

10. AIIM On Air

The last podcast on this BPM podcast list, AIIM On Air explores the people, processes, methods, and technologies on the frontline of business’ digital transformation journeys. It is hosted by Kevin Craine.

Where to listen:

11. VisualDev.FM

No-code as a concept itself has built such a favourable image in the tech world that its ecosystem has ongoing updates. Visual Dev gives you recaps of all the no-code occurrences that are relevant and in the process, enables you to stay in the know-how with regard to all the no-code happenings.

Rather than reviewing guests, this podcast is much more casual in its approach. It is great for people who are too busy or too lazy to keep up with their twitter feeds; it really helps in making an enthusiast feel as though they are part of the no-code community.

The podcast is hosted by no-code experts, Matt Varughese, Lacey Kesler, and Ben Parker.

12. My No-Code Story with Ayush

This no-code podcast is led by, you guessed it, Ayush. Ayush Sharma’s ability to exhume the information his guests have to offer through their experiences, their opinions, or whatever it may be, without sidetracking it and allowing a meaningful flow to the podcast is truly commendable.

Ayush mostly interviews no-code application builders and speaks to them about their points of view and their experiences, with the trials and tribulations they faced on their journeys and how they better their applications in every step of the way. From what I’ve listened to so far, Ayush is good at not getting in way of his guests and giving them enough space to get their interesting viewpoints and experiences across.

You can listen to this podcast on Anchor, Apple Podcasts, PodTail, and Spotify.


We hope that you like these top 10 BPM podcasts and delve into them for your unique businesses with a better understanding of the concept. At Quixy, we aim to make business process management easier and more efficient through a simple intuitive interface and a drag-and-drop builder.

We want to make BPM easier for you by simplifying the process using no-code tools. Get started with our platform, and experience the ease of automated processes and personalized app building.

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