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August 10, 2023
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Research and Development processes are the heartbeat of every business. These processes, small or large, provide a gateway to opportunities for increased efficiency and efficacy. From data analysis of individual researchers to final project management processes, the workflows of the R&D department are vital for the survival of an organization.

For a department such as research and development, which requires a large amount of flexibility, a tool such as a no-code platform is essential to elevate its workflows.

No-code platforms are tools that are used to build customized workflow applications for an organization. The best part about no-code applications is that they can be built by a non-IT professional with the use of minimal or no coding at all. These platforms can be customized according to the needs and requirements of a department or organization.

Learn everything about No-Code here including FAQs, resources, and how different departments and industries can benefit.

No-code platforms promote workflow automation which drives business efficiency and productivity. Formalizing and automating workflows in R&D is more essential than in other business functions. The emergence of new standards, mature tools, and technologies, combined with the increasing workflows have provided an opportunity for R&D organizations to automate workflow and realize their productivity gains.

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What makes R&D different from other departments?

In most business functions such as commerce or finance, workflows can be standardized and automated as the tasks are mostly repetitive and the occurrence of anomalies are rare. When it comes to R&D, the way the department functions is different in the following ways:

  • R&D is responsible for coming with quick solutions for unprecedented problems, which in turn requires a great deal of creativity and innovation within a process model.
  • R&D departments require a rare blend of technical analysis skills and substantial knowledge.
  • More often than ever, there are conflicting goals or constraints between vertical research areas and horizontal operations. This makes it difficult to agree on a single decision.
  • When considering the human element, it is common for researchers to thrive on freedom and flexibility.

Due to the unique nature and functioning of this department, there is a great need for automated workflows and an integrated no-code platform, which can easily cater to the requirements of the department.

The features of automated R&D workflow:

1. Optimized data processes

A no-code platform allows the department to model, deploy, monitor, and optimize business research processes. Changes and updates can also be made with just a few clicks.

2. Rapid innovation

Innovation is possible when researchers get an overall insight into real-world data, to come up with their own unique ideas. In the case of new product launches, the R&D team can rapidly innovate with the use of the no-code platform. Ideas and suggestions can be implemented on the go as a rugged system is provided to quantify expected value and empower the team.

3. Cross-department communication and collaboration

Automation can be implemented and used to simplify repetitive data entry and management, which leads to better cross-department communication. An integrated dashboard on the no-code platform shows relevant data and information that can be viewed by anyone, at any time, and on any device. The R&D department can retrieve and utilize data from different departments in a matter of minutes. This makes everyone’s job easier and saves time as employees can now focus on their tasks instead of sifting through data in order to do their job.


Applications of no-code in R&D:

Applications of no-code in R&D

1. Research Data Management

It can be tricky to gather big data when the project is still in its development phase. Automation comes to the rescue as it gathers and integrates all the data. This data can be accessed under one platform which enables researchers to focus on utilizing the data for project improvement and innovation.

With a no-code platform, on-field data can be entered and analyzed simultaneously from any device with a consolidated dashboard. Forms and data can be viewed and circulated in different types of formats, such as documents, graphs, emails, charts, videos & audios.

2. Field Research Management

Automation of field research management improves collaboration among research and other teams. It helps to identify bottlenecks and capture issues in real-time and saves time with accurate resource management.

3. Product Designs & Prototypes

Every idea, good or bad is worth testing before launching it in the market. Product development is high money and time-consuming process. The only way of assessing the worth of an idea or new product is through prototyping. The good news is that no-code platforms allow researchers and designers to visualize, draw, document and create prototypes seamlessly and share amongst team members. Edits and updates can be made on the go as new drafts are automatically saved for future use.

No-code offers visual tools in the form of drag-and-drop components for researchers and designers to build or design prototypes. The platforms offers a simple interface with insights that make product development quick and easy.

4. Develop Roadmaps

A roadmap is required for resource planning and forecasting. An automated roadmap platform helps in project planning, progress tracking, activity coordination and team collaboration. The tool offers diverse planning, management, integration and data exchange features.

The use of no-code helps to develop roadmaps that visualize the product and technology strategy of the business and gain insights into the R&D process. Each and every progress and process step is tracked.

5. Project Management

Since project management requires constant organization, structuring, and monitoring, it is important to equip researchers with an easy-to-use, tailor-made platform to smoothen their multi-tasking. An automatic report creation and dashboard will help to stay up to date with research status, cost, quality issues, and team performance.

A researcher can view the following on the consolidated dashboard:

  1. Research Project Status
  2. Project Efforts by each researcher
  3. Resources Assigned for the research project

6. Task Management

Creating daily and milestone-based activities is a repetitive process. With no-code software and tools, researchers can create their tasks and goals, and automate repetitive tasks which enables simple workflows. Researchers and managers can monitor and share the workload with features such as inbuilt notifications and reminders. With just one click, instant access to the status of all tasks across any device can be accessed.

7. Compliance Management

Compliance with an organization’s rules and regulations is a very important aspect for efficient research and development. No-code platforms help in maintaining a checklist to capture compliance data during the research process and can be accessed by any device at any time. Maintaining an audit trail ensures the accuracy of data.


There are so many benefits to automating research and development processes. In the long run, organizations can save money while their employees can use their saved time to focus on innovation and solutions. Automation also leads to higher satisfaction and motivation of employees, and creates a positive business environment.


When it comes to research and development, Quixy is the leading no-code platform for workflow automation. These automated processes improve efficiency, productivity, and transparency in every research project. Begin your journey towards streamlined operations and tailored apps – all with the simplicity of our platform. Get started today to harness the potential of automation.


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