Quixy release 4.2
Quixy Editorial Team
June 6, 2024
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Exciting news! Quixy release 4.2 brings a bunch of improvements designed to make your workflow creation and communication a breeze. Let’s dive into the details and see how these platform updates can specifically benefit you:

1. Streamlined App-Table Connections

Connecting apps to data tables just got simpler! You can now link multiple app steps to a single function that manages data in a table. This eliminates the need to set up separate functions for each step, saving you time and effort.

Benefit: Imagine you have a complex workflow that involves updating data in a customer table from different points within your app. Previously, you might have needed to create a separate function for each step. With this update, you can connect all the steps to a single function, significantly reducing development time and making your workflows much easier to manage.

2. Personalized Task Reassignment Notifications

For clear communication, Quixy allows Citizen Developers (CDs) to customize email templates with personalized messages whenever tasks are reassigned. This ensures everyone stays informed and on the same page.

Benefit: When tasks are reassigned, everyone involved knows exactly what’s happening and why. This eliminates confusion, improves accountability, and keeps projects moving smoothly.

3. Flexible Excel Exports

Exporting Grid Reports and List Views to Excel offers more flexibility now. You can choose to download the entire report/view in a single sheet or create separate sheets for each data column value within a workbook. This lets you organize your data efficiently for better analysis.

Benefit: Say you have a large report with customer data. You can now easily export it to Excel and have each customer’s information on a separate sheet, making it a breeze to analyze specific customer trends or generate reports for individual clients.

4. Enhanced Data Source Scheduler Notifications

Stay informed effortlessly with Quixy’s expanded Data Source Scheduler Notifications. Three options are available:

Individual: Get a separate email notification for each record in your data source.

Grouped: Receive notifications with related data grouped based on a chosen column.

List: See all data records consolidated into a single email for a quick overview.

Benefit: No matter how you prefer to receive updates, Quixy has you covered. Receive individual notifications for maximum detail, group-based updates for related data insights, or consolidated lists for a quick summary. You’ll always have the information you need, delivered in a way that works for you.

5. User-Friendly Multi-Select Dropdowns

Multi-select dropdowns now feature a stylish “Chip” experience where selected values appear individually instead of comma-separated lists. You can choose between chip and comma formats, and even customize chips with dynamic colors.

Benefit: This update makes selecting and managing multiple options in dropdowns much easier and more intuitive. The chip format provides a clearer visual representation of your selections, and the ability to customize colors adds a nice touch of personalization to your app interface.


6. Improved Dashboard Management

Managing dashboards is easier than ever with these updates:

Shared Dashboards: Sharing dashboards is now a relaxed process. Make a dashboard shareable and decide who can access it later.

Default Dashboards: Setting a default dashboard is simplified with a friendly star icon. Click the star to set your preferred dashboard as default.

Identification Tags: Tags on dashboards now clearly indicate whether you created them, shared them, or received them from someone else. Hovering over the “Shared by others” tag reveals the sharer’s name.

Benefit: Collaboration just got easier! Sharing dashboards is now a more flexible process, and everyone can easily identify who created or shared a specific dashboard.

Bonus Improvements

  • The platform now supports uploading zip files (.zip, .7z, and .Rar) through the file upload element in apps and tables.
  • Enhanced grid header stacking allows for up to three levels, providing better organization for complex data views.

We hope these updates make your Quixy experience smoother and more efficient. Happy building!

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