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Quixy Editorial Team
July 3, 2023
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Release 3.4 is here!

We are incredibly excited to share new and exciting features and platform updates in this release. Refer to our detailed Release Notes.

Watch the release highlights.

Improvements in Web Application

A new era for Business Rules & Validations

We are thrilled to unveil our latest update to the business rules feature, delivering a streamlined and convenient way for you to define app form behavior.

Get ready to experience the power of smart rules with key improvements:

Enhanced Rule Creation: Say goodbye to complex rule management. Now, you can consolidate multiple conditions into a single rule. Set If conditions, else if conditions, and more, all in one place, allowing for clear and precise app form behavior.

Simplified Rule Creation: Express conditions and actions in plain text using our Natural Language Processing (NLP). Our platform automatically processes the text and effortlessly sets the conditions for you.

Introducing a seamless Data Table experience!

We’ve given our data table configuration page a complete makeover to make your life easier on our platform. Get ready for a whole new way of creating and managing data tables that are intuitive, organized, and hassle-free.

What’s New:

All-in-One View: Say goodbye to scattered options! We’ve brought everything you need onto a single, clean page. Edit your data table, manage columns, and freely explore tabs like Functions, Data Sync, and Indexes without getting lost.

Effortless Data Control: Finding, filtering, and downloading data is now a breeze. With improved search and filter capabilities, you can quickly locate specific records. Hide or Unhide columns as needed, and even easily download the entire data set.

Discover the Power of Relationships: Relational data table is a game-changer, so we’ve entangled it from the fields list and placed it separately to showcase its true purpose. Unlock the full potential of relational data for your applications.

Experience a better, faster, and stronger platform with our latest framework upgrade!

Enjoy the platform’s latest framework, making it faster, more reliable, and compatible with your other tools. 

Faster platform: The latest framework version makes the platform faster and more efficient so that you can complete your tasks more quickly.

Improved reliability: With this upgrade, we’ve improved the platform’s reliability, which means you can expect fewer errors and interruptions. 

Better compatibility: The latest framework version also offers improved compatibility with other software and tools, which means our platform will work better with your other tools.

Keep track of pending tasks with Tasks Count on the dashboard!

Introducing a new way to stay on top of your pending tasks from your dashboard. With adding the new sub-type Tasks under the Number dashlet, select the task category to see the total number of pending tasks. This feature lets you prioritize your work and focus on what’s important.

Dashboard Tasks

If you are an existing user and have any questions about these features or any suggestions for new features, please feel free to write to us at [email protected].

Begin your journey towards streamlined operations and tailored apps – all with the simplicity of our platform. Get started today to harness the potential of automation.

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