September 3, 2020

Hyderabad, India, September 03, 2020 – Orikalankini is an organization that is changing narratives around gender, menstruation, and sexuality in India through art, theatre, and dialogue since 2013. Activities taken up by Orikalankini include art based awareness-building activities in public schools and juvenile homes, training of trainers of other organizations in our methodology, and setting up cloth pad making units to enable financial independence among women.

When COVID-19 hit India followed by lockdown and reverse migration of the workers, there was a sudden rise in the need for sanitary pads from the relief workers in the field. Orikalankini started getting requests for pads. Orikalankini, through its network, tried to connect those in need for the pads, relief teams on the field trying to help them, cloth pad manufacturers, and the fundraisers.

“I started getting so many calls from all the parties. I ran a #padsthatlast campaign to help but it was difficult for me to coordinate between the parties through phone calls, emails, SMS, and WhatsApp messages. A lot of time and energy was being consumed in the process and yet the needs from the field but not being met fast enough. I thought there has to be a better way to manage this. That is when a friend suggested that we use Quixy”, said Sneha Rooh, founder of Orikalankini, an artist and a palliative physician.

Orikalankini with the help of the Quixy customer success team, designed and built a platform to connect pad manufacturers, relief teams on the ground distributing the pads, and the citizens and organizations willing to donate towards the distribution of pads. The platform allows manufacturers to upload all their designs and price lists. The distribution workers on the ground can put up their requirements in terms of the number of pads they need. Those willing to donate can see all the requests and fund one of their choice. The manufacturer can then ship the pads to the relief team.

“There is a need for a platform like this beyond the pandemic in a resource-poor country like ours. Ours is the first platform dedicated solely for this purpose with a pan India listing. I’m so glad the parties involved can now find each other easily and the needs for the pads can be met promptly”, said Sneha Rooh.

The platform is now live and the relief teams, fundraisers, and the manufacturers can register here

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