No-code Technology LCNC Summit
Mahi Kothari
June 9, 2023

Hyderabad, India, May 13, 2023– The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, in association with MAK conferences, hosted the Middle East Low-Code No-Code Summit 2023- Saudi Edition. The highly anticipated event, which was held in strategic collaboration with the Programmers Association (KSA), brought together leaders in digital transformation and global tech CXOs to explore the utilization of Low-Code and No-Code technologies. Quixy, a rapidly growing technology company from India, has been invited to the esteemed event as a domain expert to delve into the untapped potential of no-code technologies in today’s time.  

Over recent years, the Saudi Arabian government has been implementing strategic measures to maintain the rapid growth of its digital industry. This is crucial as the support of the information technology sector plays a significant role in Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 program, which aims to drive the country’s overall development. 

Speaking of the paramount solutions that people would like to use Low-Code No-Code for Mr. Raveesh Reddy, Vice President Global Sales – Quixy said,By 2024, Low-Code and No-Code technologies are expected to dominate 65% of app development, reducing development and deployment time significantly by 90%. This widespread adoption will significantly impact digital transformation in Saudi Arabia and worldwide. In any organisation, it is only 20 percent of the work that is automated which will be the core operations, and the left out 80 percent of the operations are created by the traditional developers which is where the clients will use the Low-Code No-Code platforms”. 

Quixy utilizes a unique combination of no-code techniques, enabling businesses to develop solutions and applications up to ten times faster without coding. Their approach enhances agility, improves workflow efficiency, accelerates time to market, reduces development costs, fosters innovation, and promotes collaboration between IT and business users. 

The LCNC Summit 2023 presented a valuable platform for connecting with top LCNC implementers while delving into industry opportunities and gaining insights from successful market case studies. Attendees had the opportunity to deepen their understanding of LCNC solutions, explore the extent of LCNC adoption at both local and global levels, and engage with local and international experts and communities. The event offered a rich networking environment, fostering knowledge sharing and facilitating meaningful connections within the LCNC ecosystem. 

About Quixy 

Quixy is a leading no-code, low-code platform that business users in any industry or department use to automate business processes and workflows and build simple to complex enterprise-grade applications up to 10X faster than the traditional approach. Quixy currently serves customers across 15+ industry verticals, including governments and public-sector undertakings. Customers have utilized the platform to build a wide range of applications, including a container-freight-station (CFS) management system, asset and material management, manufacturing plant planning and scheduling, gate operations, procurement and logistics management, an end-to-end ERP system, and naval base admin processes. Quixy differentiates itself from the competition by being an ADVANCED no-code low-code platform that covers all the critical aspects such as the front end, database, workflow, business logic, reporting, deployment, and maintenance of software building vs. a RESTRICTIVE platform. For more information, visit www.quixy.com.  

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