Quixy expanding globally
Mahi Kothari
September 9, 2023

Quixy, a leading no-code and low-code application development platform, announced that it is embarking on an international expansion journey by establishing new offices in South Africa and the United Arab Emirates. Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Quixy, Gautam Nimmagadda, confirmed the company’s intentions to broaden its presence, with a keen eye on entering the US market in the near future.

As a four-year-old enterprise with a workforce of 290 employees, including 180 at its development center in Hyderabad, Quixy has positioned itself as a key player in the enterprise segment, specializing in no-code and low-code solutions.

The rise of no-code and low-code platforms has gained significant momentum in recent years, driven by the escalating demand for digital process transformation. These platforms empower individuals with no coding experience to create solutions, substantially reducing development time and saving IT-related expenses for businesses.

Gautam emphasized the global adoption of no-code and low-code development, stating, “The no-code low-code development has taken off, not only in India but also worldwide. The awareness levels on its benefits are much higher than what it was three years ago.” Citing research reports, he projected the no-code low-code market to surge to $50 billion by 2027-28, a significant increase from the current $7-8 billion level.

Highlighting the efficiency gains, Gautam noted that no-code and low-code development could dramatically reduce both time and costs, potentially shrinking solution development timelines from 300 man-months to as little as six to eight months, depending on the project’s complexity. He stressed that more intricate projects could yield even more substantial savings.

Quixy’s core mission is to assist businesses lacking coding expertise in automating their workflows and processes while creating enterprise-grade applications with agility. He elaborated on their platform’s user-friendly features, including a drag-and-drop interface and an array of pre-built templates and connectors, enabling organizations to construct scalable, secure, and customizable applications seamlessly integrating with their existing systems.

Gautam pointed out that companies increasingly recognize the importance of rapid solution development. “Even bigger IT service companies have started no-code low-code practices. By the end of the decade, at least 70-80 percent of applications and solutions would have been made on these practices,” he predicted, underlining the widespread adoption of no-code and low-code development methodologies in the industry.

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About Quixy

Quixy is an innovative no-code BPM platform that empowers businesses to build and deploy customized applications without the need for extensive coding. With its drag-and-drop interface and a vast library of pre-built templates and widgets, Quixy enables rapid application development to fit any business use case. By combining process automation, data integration, and real-time analytics, Quixy empowers organizations to streamline their operations, enhance collaboration, and easily achieve digital transformation. Quixy, also emerged as the G2 Summer 2023 Reports Leader in No-Code and Low-Code Categories.

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