GovConnect Digital Transformation Conclave Chandigarh 2023
Mahi Kothari
February 17, 2023

Chandigarh, India, February 10, 2023– Quixy, the advanced no-code application development platform, participated in the 9th Digital Transformation Conclave. The conclave was organised as a part of continuous efforts towards building a digital transformation ecosystem.

The event conducted several panel discussions; here are the highlights from the “Re-imagining government service delivery through digital transformation”.

Talking about the digitally powered services and transaction automation, Mr Amit Sharma, IAS, Mining Secretary, MBA & eGov Expert, UT of Jammu & Kashmir, highlighted their initiatives and how they have reaped transformation benefits by keeping the needs of citizens at the centre of solution building. He also mentioned how e-office is now a reality because of digital transformation. He added that citizen-centric strategies enable them to shift services online for all citizens.

Mr Nitin Sangwan, IAS, Director, Department of Information Technology & eGovernance, Government of Gujarat, mentioned how organizations need to shift from the ideology of implementing technology to building citizen-centric strategies and aligning technologies with it.

Mr Raveesh Reddy, VP Sales, talked about shifting to the rapid development of applications. He mentioned, “every organization today is trying to do things differently; doing differently means doing it at a faster pace. How organizations deliver services is changing, and with this change, the requirements of application development keep increasing.” He further continued, “the time has come for organizations to adopt a technology where app development becomes easy; this is where no-code comes into the picture. With the no-code advent, low-code application development and delivery have become faster. Organizations don’t have to wait for months to bring about any change, they can create their own application, scrape it if they want, and start again. Because it is that easy and fast.”

Overall, the conclave successfully brought the importance of digital transformation in building strategies. Conclave’s main goal was to reflect on the public sector’s essential need for digital transformation and how it may potentially change things for the better through coordinated efforts.

Quixy has also won the “Digital Transformation Platform of the Year” award for e-Governance at the 8th edition of the GovConnect Digital Transformation Conclave held on 9th December 2022 in Guwahati.

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