No-Code for Kids Workshop
Ricky Davis
March 17, 2023

Hyderabad, India, March 17, 2023– Quixy, a leading No-Code technology platform from Hyderabad, in collaboration with The Shri Ram Universal School, has organized a unique ‘No-Code for Students’ Workshop for the 10th graders on March 16, 2023. The purpose of this first-of-its-kind no-code workshop was to introduce students to the world of application building in its simplest form. The instructors, in their expert capacity, enabled the 10th-grade students to build chatbots. The chatbot, built from scratch, also employed the now-famous ChatGPT, which elicited eager participation from the students.

Divided into sessions, the no-code workshop drove three interesting projects – creating a Chatbot for a school’s annual day, building an expenses tracker to facilitate easier accounting of expenses incurred during school activities, and designing a creative website. These projects are oriented towards granting accountability and creativity to the students. The domain experts explained the possibilities of no-code technology in building websites, apps, chatbots, and games.

Code-free creativity for students

Advocating the need for students to build digital products at a young age, Mr. Vivek Goel, Vice President, Marketing & Evangelism, Quixy, said, “No-code skills are increasingly valuable in the digital age, and learning them early on, can provide a strong foundation for future success. Workshops of this nature are designed to ignite the fire of exploration in the students. Learning no-code can empower kids to create their own projects and digital solutions without writing complex code. It develops problem-solving skills, creativity, and logical thinking while fostering independence and self-confidence”.

During the workshop, Ms Simmi Sareen, Key Activity Coordinator and Artificial Intelligence Facilitator, shared insights on the importance of such workshops in facilitating children find their passion at a young age. She said, “It is a delight for us to collaborate with Quixy in bringing newer technologies to our young students. We have witnessed our students develop chatbots, trackers and websites with zeal and devoted attention. Technology is an unrelenting driving force dictating the next generation’s success. We are happy to boost workshops introducing our students to a world of untapped possibilities”.

Previously, Quixy had also organised workshops at esteemed colleges such as IIM Raipur and IIM Trichy for future leaders. Workshop at a school has opened up avenues of growth for young bright minds and for emerging technology like no-code as a whole.

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