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September 11, 2023

Hyderabad, India, 25th August 2023- Quixy and its South African partner Navayuga Infotech South Africa, prominent software application services providers and a subsidiary of the India-based multinational conglomerate Navayuga Group, are at the forefront of innovation, emphasizing the pivotal role of next-generation Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) in driving digital transformation. Quixy is dedicated to enabling public and private organizations to accelerate their transformation journeys.

Navayuga Infotech SA and Quixy’s strategic initiative includes a series of information and networking events conducted in partnership with ITWeb, designed to engage directly with key decision-makers. One such event, the “ITWeb Navayuga Accelerating Digital Transformation,” occurred on August 25th at the picturesque Eagle Canyon Golf Estate in Johannesburg.

Gautam Nimmagadda, the CEO of Navayuga Infotech and Quixy, delivered a compelling keynote at the event. He stressed the critical importance of enhancing ERP systems as a fundamental cornerstone of progressive digital transformation. “Innovation and excellence at scale are the core principles of our group,” Nimmagadda stated. “Our DNA is infused with innovation, enabling us to provide value-added solutions to our customers continuously.”

Navayuga Infotech South Africa boasts an impressive track record of successful solution deployments, particularly in vital sectors such as government, safety and security, civil service, and transport. A standout example is the Airport Information Management System, which centralizes the management of all 157 airports in India, streamlining operational aspects, maintenance, invoicing, and airline services—an unprecedented achievement on a global scale.

Nimmagadda proudly noted, “India is the sole country where all airports have been seamlessly integrated and centrally managed on a single platform.”

The company has also delivered remarkable projects in South Africa, notably transforming seaport operations by implementing a unified platform for Transnet. Nimmagadda said, “This is the only country where all seaports have been seamlessly brought together onto one platform, operating successfully for eight years.”

However, the successful integration of new platforms with existing ERP systems and the ability to automate and centrally manage all business units, databases, and systems require a revolutionary approach to ERP.

Navayuga highlighted the limitations of legacy ERP systems, citing their inability to withstand the pressures of data volume, system integration, automation, connectivity, and the multifaceted demands of digital transformation.

One recurring frustration in large-scale implementations is the misalignment between initial project requirements and the final delivered solution. Nimmagadda shared, “Our constant frustration is when we fall short of delivering delight to our customers. Despite clearing the requirements, there is often misalignment, misunderstanding, or incomplete capture of requirements by business analysts.”

Navayuga Infotech South Africa remains committed to innovation, continuously refining its software solutions to address critical business needs and leverage the transformative potential of Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) technologies, including artificial intelligence, big data analytics, cloud computing, machine learning, and robotics.

The ITWeb Navayuga Accelerating Digital Transformation event featured a captivating presentation by former Springbok rugby legend Percy Montgomery, who emphasized agility’s importance in business and life. The event concluded with a delightful lunch and a round of golf at Eagle Canyon’s scenic 18-hole golf course.

With an annual turnover exceeding $1 billion, Navayuga Group operates across Africa, the Middle East, and the United States, firmly establishing itself as a global leader in technology-driven solutions.

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About Navyuga

Navayuga Group is a highly diverse corporate entity with an extensive range of interests, encompassing various sectors such as public infrastructure development, including roads, bridges, metro rail, marine works, as well as IT/ITES companies, ports, power projects, and large-scale steel units. In the field of piling, it holds a prominent position in India and is now expanding its operations into the Middle East. Additionally, the group’s IT/ITES companies have already established a strong presence across different geographical regions.

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