Team Quixy proved to have an eye-opening and trendsetting presence for companies at CII’s first edition of the Application and Digitech Summit and Expo. By showcasing how it can create endless possibilities in their digital transformation journey, Quixy connected with professionals and informed them about the platform.

Organizations are shifting their focus and goals towards evolving into digital spaces and workflows for better productivity and efficiency at work. No-code app development and Business Processes Management along with AI, are becoming the new user interface and is no longer a futuristic dream, rather an innovation of today. A new wave of technology with efficient office processes is upcoming and gaining momentum in the industry. The industry requires trendsetting and disruptive tech in the form of workplace innovation and workflow automation to achieve maximum optimization.

With the given background and industry context, the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) organized its first-ever edition of AI Application & Digi-Tech Expo on 11 & 12 February 2020 at Bengaluru, India. For decades the CII has been striving tirelessly to create a developmental and sustainable environment for the country and lead tech transformation for India.

By connecting and partnering with different industries across the country, the event curated to focus on the rapid developments in the areas of Internet of Things (IoT), Data Analytics, Business Process Automation, and Management (BPA & BPM) from a user industry perspective. The team provided a platform for connecting and offering solutions for startups, innovators and disruptors to showcase their capabilities across various industries. Experts who actively take part in adopting today’s trends like no-code app development, workplace innovation, etc. also interacted with the team and understood the platform’s capabilities to transform workplaces.

Quixy saw a window of opportunity and made its presence felt at the expo. The team connected with professionals from all over the country from various industries like Media, Mobile Application Services, Cloud Computing, SAAS, Big Data Management, IT, Energy, and FMCG and offered its expertise and capabilities as solutions for these organizations. Through live demonstrations, the Quixy team showcased the capability of the platform to automate processes and build custom applications in minutes. The team paved the way for companies’ digital transformation with the aid of no-code development solutions, going paperless, and optimizing business processes. Team Quixy offered its expertise about how the platform has led companies, across industry verticals, to take productivity to new heights. The team shared fruitful insights into how workplace innovation has led to an acceleration in digital workplaces and optimized processes.

The two-day event provided a massive platform, full of opportunities, for 50 exhibitors pan-India to present their capabilities and interact with delegates and professionals via B2B sessions. The event also provided a platform for 40 speakers to share their expertise on the trending technologies and AI and using it to develop and optimize business processes and other technological innovations. The conference was a success and created endless opportunities for businesses and established powerful connections.

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