• Hyperautomation
    Hyperautomation – What, Why, and How?
    Reading Time: 7 minutes

    By 2024, organizations will lower operational costs by 30% by combining hyper-automation technologies with redesigned operational processes. – Gartner But what’s all the fuss about hyperautomation, and why has Gartner classified it as a top strategic technology trend? To answer these questions, we will have to dig deep, but let’s start from the basics –

    Technology Predictions
    4 Key Technology Predictions for 2023
    Reading Time: 4 minutes

    This article was first published on Customer Think. As the pandemic-induced digital transformation spreads across industries, businesses are continuing to march toward greater integration, automation, and innovation. Companies that will be leaders in their fields will embrace new tools and reimagine how they use technology to remain competitive. For example, citizen development and digital workspace

    No-Code and Hyperautomation
    2023: A Promising year for No-Code and Hyperautomation
    Reading Time: 3 minutes

    This article was first published on Customer Think Here’s one of the many predictions for 2023: Digital transformation driven by the shift to hybrid and remote work will continue to accelerate.  COVID-19 served as a wake-up call for companies dragging their feet on digitization. Organizations of all sizes were forced to accelerate their adoption of

    Are Citizen Developers slated to outnumber Professional Coders? Let’s find out.
    Reading Time: 4 minutes

    This article was first published on Customer Think. Gartner made a significant prediction at the virtual symposium for CIOs and IT leaders. By 2023, there will be at least four times as many active citizen developers at large businesses as professional developers. For those who don’t know, a citizen developer creates software without receiving formal training in

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