CIOs Roles and Responsibilities
Evolution of CIOs Role and Responsibilities in the context of Digitalization
Reading Time: 7 minutes

The growing usage of data and technology throughout the organization, as well as the emergence of technology producers outside of IT, have prompted C-suite executives to define executive-level digitalization tasks and to optimally allocate them across all CxOs. Many, if not all, CxOs will take on responsibility for their domain’s technological resources, necessitating the evolution

Business Leaders
No-Code: A Quick & Agile technology solution for Business Leaders
Reading Time: 5 minutes

We live in dynamic times and the businesses in modern times are changing with such speed that may have been unimaginable as early as about two years back. The competition across fields and industries is ever-increasing and people need to constantly deliver according to the growing demands of the patrons of a business, which is

Digitization Digitilazition Digital Transformtio
The Conundrum of Digitization, Digitalization, and Digital Transformation
Reading Time: 4 minutes

Digitization, digitalization, and digital transformation are all terms that have been very prominent since the late 2000s. They have been used interchangeably, often for the wrong reasons have potentially not been given the importance they deserve. Have you ever gotten in a conversation where someone is talking about putting their business through the process of

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