No-Code Workshop
Ricky Davis
June 27, 2023

Hyderabad, India,June 27, 2023 – Today, we are excited to announce the launch of Code Free Creativity, an innovative program designed to empower high school students to explore their creative potential and cultivate their passion for technology without the constraints of coding. This groundbreaking initiative aims to foster a new generation of tech-savvy individuals who can unleash their imagination, think outside the box, and bring their innovative ideas to life without having to learn how to code.

Code Free Creativity challenges the traditional notion that coding is the sole gateway to technology and provides an alternative path for students who may not have a background in programming. By emphasizing creativity, problem-solving, and critical thinking, this program encourages students to tap into their inherent ingenuity, enabling them to develop innovative solutions and projects using technology, regardless of their coding abilities.

The No-Code workshop, hosted by Quixy, offers a two-hour-long experiential technology workshop for high school students in Grades 9 and 10. During the workshop, students receive expert guidance from skilled trainers as they delve into the world of app development, website building, chatbot creation, and much more. The workshop aims to provide a hands-on learning experience and equip students with practical skills to solve real-life challenges.

Vivek Goel, VP of Marketing and Evangelism at Quixy, highlights the immense benefits of the Code Free Creativity program, stating, “CodeFree Creativity opens up new avenues for students to unleash their potential and embrace technology in innovative ways. This program allows students to express their creativity, problem-solving skills, and critical thinking without the need for coding expertise. By removing the coding barrier, we aim to inspire a diverse range of students to explore and excel in the world of technology, contributing to a more inclusive and innovative future.

Code Free Creativity is a testament to Quixy’s commitment to promoting “Citizen Development,” an ideology that empowers individuals from all backgrounds to build software and applications. The program aims to nurture a generation of technologically proficient individuals who can think creatively and leverage technology to address real-world challenges.

Schools and educational institutions are encouraged to embrace this revolutionary program and provide their students with the opportunity to unlock their creative potential and embrace the power of technology without being limited by coding barriers.

For more information about CodeFree Creativity and to inquire about hosting the workshop at your school, please visit this link.

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