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Fenesta brings down TAT by more than 50% with Quixy



Customer Brief

Fenesta is India’s largest windows and doors brand and a part of Rs 8,308 crore, 1889 Est. DCM Shriram Group is acknowledged for its transparent work culture and diversity. 

Empowered with knowledge of India’s extreme conditions, Fenesta has designed uPVC and System Aluminum Windows and Doors that can withstand India’s harsh climate. It is the only company in India that manufactures its uPVC blend and profiles.


Fenesta has a sales and service presence in more than 327 cities through 20 sales offices, 4 factories, 9 signature studios, 178 channel partner showrooms, and a strong direct sales force of more than 500 executives.

As the number of sales orders requests grew, it became increasingly difficult to process them on time. The dedicated department would manually handle all their sales requests through emails and reminders, which was prone to errors, and requests would end up buried in the email trails.

The process would start with a sales executive submitting the Project Feasibility request via email. The request would then pass through an unplanned/undetermined workflow. Given the ad hoc passage of the request, the salespeople (initiator) would not have any visibility into the request’s status. This would expose the company to the risk of losing customers, as the salesperson would not have the necessary confirmation to close the approval. And, the whole process of determining the sales feasibility of the request would take more than 3 to 4 days.

To add to the frustration, sales executives had to manually send notifications and reminder emails to follow up on the status. The lack of control over the whole process and no standardized format to enforce the workflow would create a lack of satisfaction and impact customer experience in their interaction with sales team. 


Fenesta and Quixy’s team came together for a collaborative interaction to understand the process flow, problems, and challenges. After a thorough study of the current workflow process and identifying the gaps with the workflow diagram, the team created a robust process plan and decided to incorporate the same in the Quixy platform for Fenesta.

The whole feasibility process have been automated in the Quixy platform. Sales executive using any device and from anywhere can submit their feasibility request, which then follow a pre-defined workflow. Any feasibility request would generate a Unique Requisition ID through which TAT(Turnaround Time) is calculated. At any point of time, the sales executives have the clear view of the status of the request in the workflow. Using notifications and reminders the TAT has been shortened. 

The business process workflow in Fenesta after implementing Quixy’s resulted in complete control over the process and absolute transparency for the initiator to determine the request’s current status. It has resulted in higher sales team satisfaction as the tedious tasks of manual sending of reminders and follow-ups were eliminated; as with Quixy users are promptly notified of their pending tasks. Mandatory form fields resulted in accurate collection of information which was before prone to errors. In built business rules validations ensured that the requests is been routed in the right direction. Simple determination of Turnaround Time and no difficulty compiling audit trails as system logged actions with the timestamp.

Current Status

Fenesta has been increasingly expanding the scale of usage of Quixy in the company.

Fenesta Current Use Cases

Benefits Galore

Quixy’s platform capabilities helped Fenesta to smoothen its sales requisition process with automation.  The system enabled the creation of TAT analysis reports which calculate the time at every step by excluding the week offs and holidays and trigger mail notifications like reminders, escalations, and tasks created. Sales team now have the real time access to the request status. They are able to cater customers with accurate information at a faster time resulting in higher customer satisfaction.

Switching from the previous process by Fenesta to automation in Quixy has resulted in faster completion of requests. The process, which used to take 3-4 days for completion, now only takes 2-3 hours.  

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