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Quixy propels Jatagan to a 50% higher level of productivity!

Jatagan Security


Customer Brief

Based in Sacramento, CA, Jatagan Security is a name that stands out from the rest when it comes to outdoor security surveillance. They are known for offering cutting-edge technologies and expertise with a range of products and services that are not only effective but also cost-efficient. Their customer base trusts them because they go beyond the ordinary to provide innovative solutions that conquer the toughest challenges like limited power and communication lines. Leaving the competitors far behind, Jatagan, with its extensive knowledge and experience, provides customized solutions that cater to the specific needs of its clients.


As Jatagan Security continued to thrive, their manual inventory management system faced a daunting challenge—scaling. The complexities of managing larger inventories, multiple locations, and surging order volumes manually became overwhelming, leading to inefficiencies and costly errors.

The need for a solution became apparent. Jatagan Security, known for their commitment to innovative and effective outdoor security solutions, sought a way to revolutionize their inventory management and uphold their reputation as a trusted partner.

But the question lingered: How could they overcome these hurdles and maintain their stellar service? The answer lay in finding a comprehensive inventory management solution that could streamline their operations, enhance efficiency, and eliminate the risk of stock losses.


Standing at the crossroads, Jatagan Security recognized the urgent need for an automated solution that defies the limitations of traditional development. A solution that offers agility, real-time inventory accessibility, and the promise of end-to-end automation. So they chose Quixy.

As per Carol Chuang of Jatagan Security, “In terms of software development, the two obvious options for a company is either to purchase a canned software or have an in-house software developer build a system that caters to the operations and needs of the company.

For a small company, buying software has always been the only way to go, as only big companies can afford the budget to develop their own software. With this approach, the company needs to work around the software as it is built for general use. 

With the advent of the No-Code Platform, it is now possible for smaller companies to develop their own software that can cater exactly to the companies’ specific requirements. Another benefit is that companies using this type of platform do not need to bear the responsibility of maintenance. In this case, everything is done by Quixy, which makes it even more attractive and economical.” 

With Quixy’s powerful no-code platform, they build their inventory management system to automate, track, and maintain processes like parts & supplies inventory, material bills, parts & blocks adjustment, surveillance unit status updates, production orders, picking lists, ordering new blocks & surveillance units, office orders, office order receipts, shop orders, and shop order receipts.

Benefits Galore

Quixy proved to be a turning point for inventory management as Jatagan Security saw a positive surge in customer satisfaction and a whopping 50% boost in productivity. Saying goodbye to errors and manual work forever as they have now seamlessly automated their operations that, guarantee impeccable accuracy.

But that’s not all! Jatagan Security now has centralized access to their entire inventory data, giving them essential visibility and transparency. The days of unauthorized access and data security concerns are long gone, thanks to the robust security measures implemented by Quixy.

With Quixy as their trusted partner, Jatagan Security has achieved a well-oiled inventory management system that fuels efficiency and fortifies data security. So, that they can now focus on their core business objectives with confidence, knowing they have the tools to make informed decisions in real-time. Now, staying ahead of the competition, anticipating demand, and ensuring timely fulfillment – Jatagan Security is at the top of their game!

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