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JI Capital streamlines KPIs & Impact Monitoring with Quixy

JI Capital


Customer Brief

JI Capital is a Private Equity and Fund management organization. The Monetary Authority of Singapore has granted JI Capital Partners a Capital Market Services license. They have a track record in ESG and Impact investing and have substantial private equity experience. The organization brings together investors from all over the world to channel funds to small and medium-sized businesses working in a few high-impact industries.


JI capital takes up holistic Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) assessments and impact measurements of small and medium-sized businesses. The process involves ardent evaluation and fulfilling various ESG standards and KPIs analysis of each company to operate successfully in the future. For the ESG assessments, once assessed and scored, factors require reassessments and rescheduling of the ESG audit to check the progress made on the assigned actions to determine the current ESG score.

Under Impact performance assessment, KPIs are assigned, targets are set, and the KPI values are updated quarterly based on ESG committees’ approval.

JI Capital employees were filling all the information related to this assessments manually for each portfolio company, including the improvement points, due dates for actions plan, calculation of current score, rescheduling of action plan etc. making it very tedious and time consuming. Employees needed to send reminders to the companies and even charge penalties if the improvements are not taken care of the second time. Following up and tracking these action items on due dates was becoming even more challenging. 

Different stakeholders, including the fund investors, would have to follow the tiresome and lengthy email communication process to find out the current status of portfolio companies. JI capital wanted to address all these challenges through automation while ensuring that they coould make changes to their processes easily and quickly as and when requried.


A need was to create a structured system tailored to their company’s working style, keeping track of ESG monitoring and sending reminders, improving the information flow, and calculating scores in real-time.

JI Capital team with the help of Quixy’s implementation team built a real-time monitoring and reporting system for ESG and Impact Performances. The app iMARS, i.e., Impact Measurement Assessment and Reporting System, provides a structured approach to ESG monitoring and Impact measurement and reporting. It facilitates up-to-date information exchange with respect to ESG and Impact KPIs.

JI Capital Workflow

All the fund details with respect to the investment in various portfolio companies can be managed through a single interface for adding, editing, assigning funds etc. Similarly, for ESG and Impact KPIs, the existing ESG requirements can be configured, and new requirements can be added, edited, and audited. The identified risks along with criticality can be entered besides action items against each risk with target dates. These targets are tracked through alerts and notifications.

All the above functions are achieved with simple configurations using Quixy’s powerful features like list screens, triggers, notifications, dashboards etc. ESG scores, penalties for the delayed action item, and impact KPI scores are all configured by users with little expertise in coding and can be auto-calculated. The data, information, and functionalities are accessed securely based on roles and privileges configured against each user.

Benefits Galore

With the iMARS app, JI Captal could streamline the laborious process of follow-ups, reduces paperwork, admin hassle etc. The app provides a platform for all the stakeholders to log in and determine the current status of the portfolio companies they are investing in.

The iMARS app addressed the employees’ dissatisfaction issue with sending manual reminders and follow-ups. It also freed up their time from calculating the score and tracking the ESG action point improvements.

The app has also increased the transparency for the fund investors by providing them real-time access to impact performance metrics and reports to monitor the performance of different portfolio companies they are investing in, anytime they desire. 

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