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Data driven decision making

Data-Driven Decision Making

The data analysis applications give insights into crop health, resource optimization, and productivity. Build yours simply using pre-built templates with integrations for specific needs.
Market places

Better Access to Marketplaces

Connect directly with marketplaces, streamline selling, and obtain fair prices with intuitive apps. Direct market access improves profitability and productivity by eliminating intermediaries.
Data management

Streamlined Data Management

Eliminate manual paperwork and ensure accurate and consistent data. With customized applications, easily collect data such as crop yield, soil conditions, weather data, and pest observations.

Turn vision into reality, and build future-ready apps in minutes!

Crop Management

Crop Management

Develop easy applications that monitor and manage crop growth.

  • With data monitoring applications, track temperature, moisture, and nutrients for crop growth.
  • Get real-time data for informed irrigation and pest control decisions.
  • Customized alerts based on crop management thresholds for timely actions. 

Pest and Disease Detection

Reduce crop loss with real-time data.

  • With the image recognition apps and sensor data, detect pests and diseases, aiding early intervention.
  • Timely intervention reduces crop losses and minimizes pesticide usage. 
  • Proactive pest management improves crop health and productivity for reduced economic losses.
Pest and Disease Detection
Harvest Planning

Harvest Planning

Do seamless harvest planning with tools that assist in planning and coordinating.

  • Automate tasks such as scheduling labor, managing equipment, and tracking yields.
  • Use tools for equipment allocation for harvest activities.
  • Build solutions for yield tracking and analysis for informed decision-making.

Supply Chain Management

Streamline for enhanced visibility, traceability, and efficiency from farm to market.

  • Real-time data improves supply chain transparency, enabling efficient tracking from farm to market.
  • Traceability systems capture and store data maintaining accountability throughout the supply chain.
  • Logistics optimizing agriculture automation enhances efficiency and reduces errors.
Supply Chain Management
Livestock Monitoring

Livestock Monitoring

Improved animal welfare with early detection of issues. 

  • Integrate livestock sensors, tracking health, location, and behavior.
  • Process data instantly and get alerts for early signs of health issues.
  • Livestock monitoring apps prompt intervention for timely medical attention.

Weather Forecasting

Make informed decisions utilizing weather forecast apps.

  • Automate gathering weather data from various sources for accurate localized forecasts.
  • App development enables farmers to create custom weather apps without coding expertise. 
  • Accurate forecasts empower farmers to optimize planting, irrigation, and harvesting activities effectively.
Weather Forecasting
Precision Farming

Precision Farming

Gather Data and predict accurately.

  • Integrated data from drones, satellite imagery, and sensors for insights into precision farming techniques.
  • Informed decisions on planting, irrigation, fertilizers, and pest control through data-driven insights. 
  • Optimize resource allocation by analyzing data for precise water, fertilizers, and pesticide usage.

Agriculture Process Improvement Areas

Integrate Data from Weather APIs, Sensors, and Satellite Imagery
Automate irrigation systems to regulate water usage
Automate Irrigation Systems to Regulate Water Usage
Manage Farm Equipment Maintenance
Manage Farm Equipment Maintenance
Develop tools for Agricultural Education & Training
Develop Tools for Agricultural Education & Training
Generate customized reports on crop status
Generate Customized Reports on Crop Status
Scalable solutions with evolving needs
Scalable Solutions with Evolving Needs

Why should you consider Quixy?

Hosted on the cloud, Quixy provides the scalability any business may need.On the security front, Quixy is certified to be compliant with the strictest set of ISO / IEC 27001:2013 Information Security System controls and SOC 2 Type 2 requirements that govern the complete product life cycle – product development, delivery, support, and other related operations. Features like Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) and OTP based Customer Support Access ensures that data is always protected.Quixy is hosted in the AWS cloud that itself is SOC 2 and ISO / IEC 27001:2013 compliant.

Quixy’s platform has the inbuilt controls to meet all enterprise requirements without any modifications. These include:

  1. Hosting on private cloud
  2. Roles and permissions
  3. Audit trail
  4. IP filtering
  5. SSO
  6. Custom password policies
  7. Two-step authentication
  8. White labelling
  9. Offline billing
  10. Customizable themes to match company branding

The on-boarding support gets you up and running on the Quixy platform in no time while the free access to the comprehensive knowledge base ensures that the users can get answers to their questions at any time. The users can always write to the support team for any queries or open a support ticket in case they run into an issue. Enterprise accounts get a dedicated customer success manager.

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