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Quixy helps cut down claim processing time by 30% at NTrust



Customer Brief

NTrust is an insurance broking services company catering to a variety of insurance requirements and offers a wide range of insurance-related products and services to individual and corporate customers across India. They act as an intermediary between the end customers and insurance providers. NTrust serves diverse domains, including but not limited to Agriculture, Engineering, Aviation and Sea Ports.


NTrust receives stacks of insurance claims every day in the form of physical files. These are first processed by the claims department at NTrust. In case any information is missing, on-field executives must visit the customer to get the missing documents. The forms once verified are routed to the appropriate insurance company. The insurance companies do their share of verification and return any claims that are not complete, thereby further delaying the process. During the entire processing cycle, customers do not have access to the real-time status of their claim thus hampering customer satisfaction.



Using Quixy, the team at NTrust automated their claims processing method in just few days. They built a portal for their customers to submit claims which are then directed to the processing teams to whet the claims. They also created dashboards to get real-time status of claims processing, both for customers and NTrust internal teams.

Benefits Galore

Customers now submit their claims online. Once submitted, the processing team at NTrust is notified to process the claims through the verification steps. Verified claims are forwarded to the insurance companies as part of the workflow process. During the entire process, if any required information is found missing, the claims are assigned back to the customer for them to upload the missing information. At all times, customers have instant access to their claim’s status without having to make any calls. They also receive real-time email and SMS alerts as and when their claim status changes. Overall, Quixy helped cut down the claim processing time by 30% while dramatically improving customer satisfaction.

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