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How Quixy made life easier for HR personnel at NECL

Navayuga Engineering


Customer Brief

Navayuga Engineering Company Limited (NECL) is an engineering and core infrastructure company that has carved a formidable position for itself in the industry.


NECL executes infrastructure projects across the country. All of these projects involve thousands of workers, comprising of employees and contract field staff. It was a tedious task to update payroll related information e.g. attendance reports, leave applications, etc. that had to be processed manually through physical forms or email. This had been impacting both the accuracy of input data and the timelines for processing the payroll. Quixy was approached to turn the situation around.

Navayuga Engineering


Quixy stepped in and immediately began the automation of all HR and Payroll processes including Onboarding, Performance Management, Leave Management, Payroll Management, and Separation in less than 2 months. Employees were able to apply for leave, report for duty etc. online and through their phones while being in the field. They were able to have real time access to status of their application, leave balances, etc.


Thanks to Quixy, all HR related information at NECL is now centralized. Payroll data is now accurate without the tediousness of any manual processing of physical forms. Management has immediate access to employee information through reports and dashboards. The time consuming effort to process payroll has reduced by 60% and employee satisfaction has increased.

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