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Quixy schools Presidency Group on improving invoice processing time by 40%

Presidency High School


Customer Brief

Presidency Group of institutions manages and operates a pre-primary, a middle school and a high school in Nizamabad, India, that was rated number one in Telangana for the year 2016.


Running an educational institution requires seamless collaboration between school or college management members, administrative staff, teachers and service providers. The service providers include companies offering educational services, independent consultants, publication companies, transporters, caterers, event companies, housekeeping, and consultants to name a few.

One of the main problems the management was facing was manual processing of invoices from the service providers. These were being physically delivered, mailed through post and also coming over email. It was becoming hard to track these in one place. Each invoice needed to be verified by the administrative staff and then approved based on the value of the invoice. Due to the unavailability of the respective approving authorities, payments were getting delayed. Calls from service providers to check the status of their invoices were bombarding the administrative staff. The school needed an immediate solution to automate the process and they chose Quixy after evaluating several options.

Presidency High School


Quixy appraised the requirement and in just a few days automated the invoicing process. The service was immediately rolled out for use by the service providers. It made a sea change in the way transactions were carried out with service providers conveniently uploading their invoices with supporting documents. The invoices were verified online by the school administration and approvals were given promptly via smartphones. The approved invoices were then sent to the accounts department for processing the payment. Notifications, reminders, and escalations configured at each step of the workflow helped to speed up the whole process.


With the process automated through Quixy, the overall invoice processing time improved by 40%. Importantly, customer satisfaction was improved for all the service providers who at any given point of time were able to know the status of their invoice. Management gained one-touch access to complete invoicing information through dashboard and reports.

Given the success, the management has directed other departments to identify respective processes and automate them using Quixy.

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