Network Engineer


  • Software Installation
    • Ensure everyone is using latest version of software’s and not using any unwanted software’s inside VM
  • System Maintenance
    • We need a proactive person who helps all employees to maintain Systems and VMs properly
      • Ensure temporary files are cleared regularly
      • As few people are using personal system are they proper, I mean workable, or they need better ones. Suggest them what to do
      • We dont even know what configuration they are using, if their systems are slow, there work also will be slower
    • Ensure regularly VMs / office systems are restarted
    • Ensure proper updates are installed
  • Monitor internet speed at which they are working
    • Some of the employees are using mobile hotspot to work that is extremely slow, I am not able to monitor regularly for every person, so we need inspection from network time randomly every day to 3 or 3 people and ensure to tell them what our standards are
    • Define work from home standards for computer and network 
  • Suggest us ways to improve performance of systems
  • Suggest us ways to improve performance of hosted servers
  • Maintenance of servers
    • Suggest removing old backups
    • Optimal space is there in all drives
    • Monitor utilization of servers and suggest changes increase or decrease
    • Planned restart of servers
    • Planned updates on servers


2-3 Years

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