Success Story

Quixy helps SV Group of schools cut down maintenance complaints by 70%

Sri Venkateshwara Group of Schools

Customer Brief

Sri Venkateshwara Group of Schools manages and operates 4 schools which includes a primary school, a Matric school, a Sr. Sec. secondary and a public school in Chennai, India.


Effective management of the school facilities is a vital part of school business leadership especially when there are multiple institutions running together. The SV groups of schools’ administrative departments relied mostly on paper forms for inspections related to security, hygiene, library, computer facilities, electricals, etc. The admin department was receiving complaints regarding maintenance of school facilities which were not reflecting in the manual paper-based forms that were being used and submitted against the inspections. Also due to the manual nature of the surveys, sometimes issues reported were not addressed on time leading to more complaints. The school’s management team wanted to streamline the inspecting processes across all schools and automate them to ensure that inspection information was reported in real-time with the option to capture images, videos, timestamps, and signatures of the person conducting the inspection.


Quixy’s automated forms and workflow capability, and functionality of sending updates on real-time basis became the ideal solution for school’s problems. The admin department reviewed their inspection processes and listed out all the inspections required along with the frequency for each inspection, the person responsible for conducting and acting upon the findings from the inspections.

Once the plan was finalized, the Quixy customer success team trained the IT team of the SV group and helped them build their first inspection app. Due to the ease of use of the Quixy platform using drag-and-drop features, the IT team was able to build and implement all the remaining applications within 10-15 days. Quixy customer success team continued to provide the necessary support where required.

All the inspections at SV group of schools are now done using mobile devices. Each form has a checklist of items to be verified along with an option to capture images and videos of any incidents. When submitting any inspection, the user is prompted to sign the form digitally. Timestamp and location are automatically captured for each submission. One of the schools had an issue with network connectivity in some parts of the campus which was easily handled by Quixy’s offline capability to capture inspection information and sync it with the master server as soon as connectivity was restored.

The new online inspection system now automatically assigns tasks to those responsible for the inspection. In case inspections are not completed within the time limit set for each type of inspection, reminders, and escalations are sent out through SMS and WhatsApp messages. Information from all inspections is now available in real time. Students and staff members have also been given access to an incident reporting app that allows the administration department to react swiftly to the reported issues.

When required, the IT team is easily able to add new items to be verified as part of the inspections or make other changes to the apps.   

Benefits Galore

After implementing the online inspection system, the student and staff complaints regarding the maintenance of the school facilities have gone down by 70%. The administration department has real-time access to all inspection data through live reports and dashboards, helping them respond to them better and also meet compliance requirements against set standards and educational authorities. The applications have also created a sense of accountability for those responsible for the inspection and maintenance operations.

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