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Quixy helps Navayuga Engineering reduce truck turnaround time by 50%

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Customer Brief

Navayuga Engineering Company Limited (NECL) is an engineering and core infrastructure company that has carved a formidable position in the industry. The company undertakes multi-disciplinary turnkey projects on an EPC basis and has executed several large scale infrastructure projects of national importance in India. The company also holds the Guinness World Record for ‘most concrete continuously poured in 24 hours’ and for the ‘largest continuous concrete pour’ for the Polavaram Irrigation project.


Navayuga Engineering was executing a large time-bound infrastructure project for the government. The execution required sourcing stones from a quarry a few kilometers away from the project site involving multiple trips of tens of haul trucks between the two locations every day.

Each trip required manual documentation at the quarry to capture the truck, driver, and load details. These details were then verified manually by staff at multiple checkpoints at the project site, causing congestion at the gates, limiting the trips trucks could make in a day. It took over 90 minutes for trucks to pass through security gates during peak times, with 9-10 trucks piling up and each truck inspection taking 8-10 minutes. The slow truck turnaround time was impacting the project outcomes. Incidents of unauthorized access and pilferage were also being reported.

To resolve the issue, Navayuga Engineering was looking for a solution to speed up truck operations. They wanted a system that could be rolled out quickly and offered flexibility to handle changes in requirements related to security inspections.


Enter Quixy. Navayuga Engineering IT team used the Quixy platform to build and deploy an RFID based truck management system for the project. With the new system, an RFID tag was attached to each truck. Upon completion of loading at the quarry, the RFID tag was scanned to save the truck details, the time stamp, and the load details using mobile devices. RFID scanners were installed at each checkpoint at the project site. These scanners automatically scanned the trucks’ RFID tags to allow or disallow the movements without having them stop for physical verification. 

The security personnel could check each truck’s documentation in the application, making the process faster, transparent, and paperless. Any unauthorized trucks could not enter the project site anymore. The new system could also be modified easily whenever any documentation requirements changed.

Benefits Galore

The RFID based truck management system built on the Quixy platform streamlined the overall truck movement process and eliminated manual and paper-based processes. The new system resolved the congestion issue at the checkpoints, and the overall truck turnaround time improved by over 50%!

The system also brought all the truck information into a central repository in real-time that could then be used for analysis and decision-making by applying BI tools.

Quixy helped NEC address their challenge and reap the benefits of  IoT, BI, and Citizen Development through its application developed on Quixy’s no-code platform.

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