Organizations have, typically, 50+ software tools powering their business. In the current Digital age with intertwining Customer journeys, the avenues of data generation are aplenty. General lack of data synchronization leads to data silos, low quality and old data, duplication of data and most importantly single view of data. Business and IT stakeholders end up spending a fortune on data centralization initiatives which can easily be circumvented with a little bit of planning and data integrations. Data integration deals with combining data from multiple sources while Synchronization ensures data consistency. With Quixy, Data sync is a breeze. In this webinar, We shall discuss how with simple integration, you can enforce synchronization to achieve data consistency.

Key Takeaways:
1. How is Data Integration different from Data Synchronization.
2. Explore Data Sync on Quixy.
3. Walkthrough of how to setup Data sync schedule on Quixy Data tables.


Nikhil Chinta

Nikhil Chinta

Business Analyst


Shasi Kiran Uppu

Platform Consultant