Despite never-ending efforts by organizations in establishing, prioritizing, and committing to the success of digital workplace strategies, the initiatives frequently fail. Every workplace culture is an amalgamation of different management styles, personality types, and individual goals, which sometimes end up creating issues, challenges, and conflicts.

Gartner discovered patterns in underperforming digital workplaces throughout the world. This webinar explores the top 12 digital workplace obstacles and learns strategies to overcome them by the experts themselves.

Webinar discussion topics:

1. The right approach to build association and gain backing for a digital workplace initiative.
2. The way to instant triumphs and reaping benefits of a digital workplace.
3. Creating a robust digital workplace strategy.

Note: This Webinar was originally hosted by Gartner and is published here with Gartner’s permission.

Hosted by:

Matt Cain

Matt Cain

Distinguished VP Analyst

Dan Wilson

Dan Wilson

Sr Director Analyst

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