The need for rapid and agile enterprise-wide process management and workflow automation is no longer optional – it’s a must. In fact, in Forrester’s 2021 Digital Process Automation Survey, 49% of respondents stated that process automation was a critical part of their business strategy with another 46% saying it played an important role in reducing costs, cycle times, and errors.

Today, every organization realizes that a comprehensive strategy for enterprise-wide digital process automation (DPA) is a must for them to adapt quickly with agility or be left far behind in the competition.

Does your organization has a comprehensive strategy to automate processes and workflows across the enterprise yet? How can you automate processes at scale?

Join our live webinar with guest speaker, Rob Koplowitz, Vice President and Principal Analyst at Forrester, and Himanshu Arora, Digital Transformation Manager at Fenesta Building Systems to get answers to the burning questions. In the webinar, we will learn:

How to formulate and implement a comprehensive DPA strategy that aligns with organizational goals?
What are the best practices for the adoption and use of these no-code DPA tools across all relevant stakeholders?
How can no-code citizen development help automate business processes at scale and boost overall operational efficiency?

How Fenesta is leveraging No-Code Digital Process Automation to drive efficiency and transform its operations.


Rob Koplowitz

Rob Koplowitz

VP - Principal Analyst at Forrester

Himanshu Arora

Himanshu Arora

Digital Transformation Manager, Fenesta