Sourcing the right quality & quantity of material to the right place at the appropriate time is a challenge that many organizations face in today’s hyper-agile world.

Material management is the backbone of any organization that helps them to plan & source raw materials, optimize inventory and storage while minimizing waste effectively. Material management plays a crucial role in efficiently managing the Supply chain for organizations.

With Quixy’s Material Management model from the ERP suite, Organizations can not just efficiently manage their supply chain but also significantly save effort, time, and effort.

Key Takeaways:
1. Explore the various modules of Quixy’s Material Management module from the ERP suite.
2. Understand how easy it is to improve inventory accuracy, reduce material waste, Purchase Order creation and achieve much more.
3. How organizations can automate critical processes such as Material Requirements Planning, Procurement, GRN, Material allocation, and Material audits, to name a few.



Kishan Kumar Pendkar

Business Analyst - Customer Success