Composability- a term that inculcates mindset, technology, and processes that enable organizations to evolve, innovate and adapt to changing needs. Lately, it has been realized that being elusive is a necessity rather than a choice. Business heads such as CIOs who use composability have made businesses resilient, agile, and adaptive to change. Their contributions are influential and help companies reap valuable results even in the long run.

In this webinar, we shall break down the finding of the Gartner 2022 CIO agenda, explore how CIOs leverage composable business strategies to build resilient businesses, and draw on the impact that digital technology brings by making things flexible.

Webinar discussion topics:  

1. Examining the finding of Gartner 202 CIO agenda.
2.Find out what composability masters are up to.
3. Learn how to make composability an advantage for your business. 

Note: This Webinar was originally hosted by Gartner and is published here with Gartner’s permission.


Monika Sinha

Monika Sinha

VP Analyst