Did you know 70% of companies don’t know when their equipment is due for maintenance, and manufacturers experience over 800 hours of downtime yearly?

Such improper asset management leads to poor asset utilization, low maintenance efficiency and high MRO (Maintenance, Repair & Operations) costs.

That’s literally equal to throwing away money.

To offer a solution, in this webinar – we will take you through the Service Management Application, built on Quixy’s no-code platform as part of an ERP suite.

Through, Quixy’s Service Management application, you can easily manage the maintenance of assets by organizing, planning, tracking and analyzing all the jobs done regularly and enjoy extended asset life through efficient tracking of work orders, assets, preventive maintenance schedules, procedures, parts etc.

This webinar will help your organization achieve a more connected, efficient, transparent asset maintenance management system.

Key Takeaways:

  • Explore the various modules of Quixy’s Service Management module from the ERP suite.
  • Understand how to reduce downtime, organize assets & work orders, manage scheduled maintenance, etc.
  • Learn to automate processes such as Preventive maintenance, Breakdown maintenance, Inspections, AMC and Tracking of vendor SLAs



Krishna keertana

Platform Consultant