In the modern digital world, protecting credentials and account security is of paramount importance. This webinar delves into the essential security measures and best practices that protect user accounts, ensure user consent for authenticated transactions. Discover how to navigate the complex terrain of securing accounts, build trust with your users, and ensure compliance with regulations to protect your applications and sensitive information.

Join us to explore effective methods for bolstering your account security. We will explore the implementation of essential measures such as Captcha and Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) to fortify logins. Additionally, we will look at advanced security practices like IP Whitelisting, Single Sign-On (SSO), Multiple Sessions, and controlling record submissions using One-Time Passwords (OTP) to ensure your applications remain impregnable against unauthorized access. 

Key Takeaways: 

  • Learn how Captcha & MFA prevent automated attacks, add an extra layer of protection to logins, and reduce unauthorized access risk
  • Explore the benefits of IP Whitelisting, restricting access to trusted IP addresses.
  • Learn how Single Sign-On simplifies user logins while ensuring robust authentication and multiple sessions that enhance security by controlling simultaneous logins.
  • Discover how One-Time Passwords (OTP) control data submissions, secure sensitive information and prevent unauthorized interactions.



Rafya Kasa

Platform Expert