Megatrends are global shifts that are redefining the world we live in. These trends can be political, societal, and technical. Megatrends last over a decade or more; they are powerful and are transformative forces having broader impacts over different life aspects. They have a bearing on which technologies and digital strategies will work, which vendors and businesses will succeed, what customers desire, and how regulations act.

In this webinar, build your understanding of 10 key megatrends and how you can leverage and build successful strategies around them.

Webinar discussion topics:

1. Why are megatrends so crucial?
2. Ten key megatrends will have the most significant impact on your strategic goals.
3. How to leverage these trends and build your organizational strategies around them.

Note: This Webinar was originally hosted by Gartner and is published here with Gartner’s permission.

Hosted by:

Nick Jones

Nick Jones

Distinguished VP Analyst