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Food Processing

Streamline processes and protect margins using no-code tools from suppliers to consumers

Food Processing

Boost productivity and build the best workflows to cater to your customers!

Standard Forms
Easily collect data through forms

Collect and organize all of your data efficiently by eliminating repetitive manual tasks and replacing them with efficient digital processes like no-code mobile forms for data entry.

Document Generation
Keep detailed digital records

Manage your inventory, stock, delivery schedules and production schedules flawlessly with no-code apps that can help you automate your processes and maintain your records without errors.

Streamlined process
Streamlined workflows

Streamline your processes with no-code tools to improve productivity and increase efficiency while protecting your margins. Use this data to make informed decisions regarding your future plans.

Use readymade apps or build new ones in minutes

Quality Assurance Tests

Maintaining your reputation regarding your food products is incredibly important in the food processing industry. Create strict quality assurance tests that can be documented digitally as well as automated checks for expired product to ensure only the best product goes out to your customers. 

Inventory Management

Keep track of your stock and supply of products at all times with customized inventory management software. Manage your procurement processes as well as the orders from your customers to decide the inventory required to keep your ship running smoothly.

inventory Management
Delivery Tracking

Delivery Tracking

Monitor and track your shipments and consignments to ensure that they reach the designated customers safely. Ensure the best customer experience by creating a delivery tracking process that can be referred to for any possible delays or problems.

Supply Chain Management

Manage your relations with your suppliers as well as onboarding and offboarding for them. Streamline your workflows and processes to create a system to easily see the status of your suppliers as well as monitor their efficiency and success rates.

Supply Chain Management

Efficient Reporting Systems

Create a dedicated system and interface for accounting, purchase logs, inventory management and reports to make audits easier and more efficient. Use this data to create informed plans for future steps in accelerating the growth of your company.

Efficient Data Collection

Create digital forms using a no-code application to make data collection more efficient and accurate. Access these forms on-the-go and enter the data regarding supply chain management, inspections, maintenance, logistics, tracking progress, expiration dates, delivery tracking, etc.

Efficient Data Collection
Easy to customize

Easy to Customize

Each company has its own processes and systems in place so it’s important for your tools to work with you. You can use our ready-made no-code tool directly or customize it to better suit your needs and make it work better for you!

Employee Data Management

Create a workflow to manage and track your employee’s progress throughout the year. Store your employee’s data and records in an system that will make them easy to obtain in the future to save time and money.

Employee Data Management

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