How much can you save with Quixy?

Every minute and every dollar saved in day to day activities can be used for innovation in core practices. Let us show you the potential cost savings (RoI) you can make by adopting Quixy as the business process management (BPM) platform to automate workflows and business processes across your organization.

To use the savings calculator, please enter your team size, average hourly wage and the hours spent per week per employee on different activities. The savings will be displayed below the input table.

Start planning for what you will do with all the savings you will make with Quixy!!

Note: Quixy can save 70% of the time spent on repetitive tasks & data entry, consolidating & analyzing forms data, searching for vital info in emails & files and tracking tasks & projects manually.

Total Savings = ( No. of employees * 0.7 * ( hours spent on repetitive task & data entry + tracking tasks & projects manually + report generation & analytics + searching for vital info in emails & files ) * 52 weeks * ( avg.hourly wage/employee in USD ) ) – ( No. of employees * Quixy Monthly Subscription Charges * 12 months )