g2 High Performer

Quixy reviewed as the “High Performer” in 5 categories on G2

June 4, 2020
Quixy, the No-Code App Development and Business Innovation platform, has excelled as a high performer in 5 categories on G2. G2 is the place where businesses and potential clients review business software and services as well as SaaS products (Software as a Service). Quixy is a top performer in Workflow Management Software, Business Process Management […]
India Soft 2020

How Quixy made a Digital Impact at INDIASOFT Hyderabad

March 4, 2020
The Electronics & Computer Software Export Promotion Council (ESC), India’s apex trade promotion organization has developed INDIASOFT, a unique IT event. The event aims to meet the global aspirations of the Indian Software and IT Industry. ESC India facilitates India’s electronics and information technology exports to global markets. As a link between the Government and […]
Renewable Energy

How Renewable Energy & Technology lead to Sustainable Business Innovation

February 21, 2020
With the world changing at our fingertips and technology evolving within seconds, the environment is seeing rapid change. Not all changes are welcome, especially depleting resources and energy that take years to formulate. To address the current scenario, the Renewable Energy Expo, organized by Renewable Energy Expo Team, a division of WT, was held between […]

Quixy paves the way for No-Code App Development at the CII Digitech Expo

February 11, 2020
Team Quixy proved to have an eye-opening and trendsetting presence for companies at CII’s first edition of the Application and Digitech Summit and Expo. By showcasing how it can create endless possibilities in their digital transformation journey, Quixy connected with professionals and informed them about the platform. Organizations are shifting their focus and goals towards […]
web summit portugal

Quixy takes Business Innovation to Web Summit in Portugal

November 8, 2019
As the Altice Arena in Lisbon, Portugal was filled with cheers, laughter, and endless rounds of applauds, the world’s largest annual technology conference, as the Financial Times called it, Web Summit 2019 commemorated with the grandest and liveliest of the tech industry’s high priests. Web Summit, the world’s largest annual technology conference which was held […]
Saasstock dublin 2019

What Insights did Quixy get from “the Disneyland for SaaS Companies”?

October 17, 2019
The SaaS space is rapidly growing and evolving to become one of the biggest industries today, so much so that companies are adopting the business model or building such software that can provide business solutions and services. SaaStock, a global SaaS conference company that connects founders, innovators, and investors to build and scale B2B SaaS […]

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