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2022 CIO Agenda: Create an Action Plan to Master Business Composability

CIOs and technology executives must prepare to operate in a more disruptive business environment by making their enterprises more adaptable. CIOs are in a great position to lead the charge while simultaneously advancing adaptable thinking, business architecture, and technology. The eBook 2022 CIO Agenda examines data from the Gartner CIO and Technology Executive Survey for 2022, as well as interviews with a number of CIOs (or equivalents) who shared fascinating stories about their company’s move to business composability.

According to the Gartner CIO study, which polled over 2,000 IT executives on current business practises, highly-composable firms fared better than other organizations in terms of overall business performance, reduced risk and operating expenses, and improved revenue during the pandemic. 

2022 CIO Agenda

Key Takeaways

Note: This eBook was originally published by Gartner and is published here with Gartner’s permission.