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August 10, 2023
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Are you using a smart inventory management app to manage your inventory?

Inventory management is a key operation for businesses in a variety of industries, including manufacturing, logistics, e-commerce, and distribution. Be it electronics, or engineering goods, you know how essential and significant inventory management is for your business. If you’re at the helm of managing existing stock, sending out purchase orders, and updating inventory, we sure know how tedious it must be for you to find a platform that can not only handle everything but also prove to be efficient and well, simplify your job for you.

Okay, maybe spreadsheets, you’d say. But be honest, how much time do you spend entering data across categories, and if you have multiple locations, entering data for all? And that too without duplication and errors?

Maybe you’re using 2-3 different pieces of software—each with a different login—so you can place orders through one, review stock in another, and trigger reminders from yet another app.

Sounds chaotic. Despite the software, are they even catering to your needs? Or are they just generic apps that assume a few processes and generalize, making it complicated to work even more because of all the restrictions?

How about you build your own Inventory Management App?

Stock up the excitement. We’re here to tell you all about it.

Quixy’s no-code platform provides you with an easy-to-use, flexible, and customizable Inventory Management App that can be easily and seamlessly integrated with other business workflows you automate on the Quixy platform. Whether entering new stock or selling it, Quixy’s Inventory Management solution helps you build the app you like for YOUR precious inventory in a hassle-free way.

No-code apps allow the development and deployment of apps within minutes and hours without knowing the code! It’s basically a visual environment, and all you need to do is- drag, drop, and publish! Yes, that’s it!

The inventory module allows the enterprise owners to keep track of their stock in the inventory and help them reduce the time and human efforts to track and maintain the stock. The system has 2 key processes defined based on the type of stock- Inbound and Outbound.

Watch Webinar: How to build an efficient Inventory Management System using Quixy’s List Screen

By using Quixy’s Inventory Management App, you can ensure efficiency and streamlined management. Let’s see how.

Different Master Screens to Transform Your Supply Chain

To ensure the inventory is stocked and to track your inventory, we have the master screen that allows you to add new stock items into the system; the different master screens are depicted below.

Inventory Management App – Create Warehouse

Inventory management app

A warehouse is just like a logical depiction of a physical warehouse. Users can create a warehouse and add items to the warehouse.

All the warehouses in the organization can be added here.

Create location

Inventory management app - location

You can create a location in the warehouse where you want to add your items; the user selects a warehouse, enters a Rack and Bin Number, and a location is created.

Inventory Management App – Item master

You can add a new item to your inventory; the User has to select a warehouse and location and then add an item.

This way it becomes easy for the user to locate an item in the inventory and keep track as well.

Customer and supplier master

Users can add new customers or suppliers to the master screens. The inventory module has the option to add bulk data by uploading data from Excel with all the details of the suppliers or customers.

Inward Stock

Inwards stock can be defined as the stock that is stored when the enterprise buys the stock from suppliers; the incoming stock can be added in the Inward process.

Create Purchase Order

To start with the inward process User has to create a purchase order.

Inventory management app - purchase order

Upon receipt of items against the PO, the quality assurance executive inspects the items.

The next process is to generate the good receipt note (GRN).

The GRN is generated for a particular purchase order, and the goods are stored in the inventory.

When the Purchase order fails the QA test, and the goods need to be returned, it goes to the return zone where the purchase order is selected and returned.

Outward stock

Outward stock is where you sell the goods or sell the stock to a customer.

The process starts with creating a work order, the user has to create a work order by selecting a customer for the order.

Once the work order is created the process moves to creating the BOM (bill of materials)

The user selects a Work order and adds the materials along with the quantity.

The next process is creating a Pick List

A Pick List is created. The available stock in the inventory is shown along with the required quantity. User can select the picked quantity and change the status of the order.

The Dashboard provides real-time status of the inventory, POs, and WOs through the use of drill-down charts. Users can initiate the most frequently used actions from the dashboard itself. The dashboards can be configured based on permissions and user needs.

Reports can be generated based on user needs and exported, printed, or emailed to the respective stakeholders as per business requirements.

The document generator feature allows users to automatically generate Reports, Purchase Orders, Work Orders, and Invoices using the data available in the system eliminating any possibility of human error.

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Inventory Management App – Takeaway

Quixy’s fully customizable and easy-to-use Inventory Management App is the golden ticket to ensure the smooth functioning of the business. The Inventory Management App is one of the many ready-to-use solutions available on the Quixy platform that lets departments across the business automate their processes and drive innovation.

An innovative no-code platform, Quixy helps you automate any business process and build simple to complex enterprise-grade applications in hours and days instead of weeks and months. All without writing any code. The process can be customized to your needs and best practices.

Get started with our platform, and experience the ease of automated processes and personalized app building. 

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