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Get Free Access to the Quixy Platform for PMI Make Reality Challenge

If you are an innovative thinker and solving problems that matter is your calling, then this is a great opportunity we are bringing for you. Get your team on our platform, participate together and build creative solutions that can help combat biggest challenges our world is facing today.


1st June


25th June


1st Oct


10th Dec

Stage 1 - Ideation
1 October – 21 November 2021

Stage 2 - Prototype Development
9 December – 14 January 2022

Stage 3 - Grand Finale:
24 March 2022

Benefits include:


Cash prizes worth

INR 40,000

up for grabs plus much more..

Countdown to register for the Hackathon


Frequently Asked Questions

The Quixy Hackathon is a contest where teams with 3-4 members compete during a fixed time period to build the best productivity solution that solves a specific problem or use case they pick.

There are inefficiencies in any workplace, including ours. The power and flexibility of Quixy is helping organizations build solutions to bring transparency and improved productivity to their workplace. All without writing any code. We want to inspire our associates to address inefficiencies around them through this hackathon and build solutions for their unique problems.

No, this will be a virtual event. While we will miss seeing you in person, this format does allow much more time for ideation and creation. We are excited to see what you come up with!

Yes! Prizes worth Rs 40,000 are up for grabs! There will be significant cash prizes for the top solutions and more rewards and recognition for creativity and innovation. We will also be featuring the leading solutions and teams in our blogs and social media. Every participant will receive a participation certificate.

This event is open to everyone who is a part of Quixy and Navayuga Infotech. We would love to see each one of you participate unless you believe there is no inefficiency for you to address.

That’s a very fair question, and you don’t have to worry. Each team will be assigned a mentor who will guide them through the entire journey. You will also have unlimited access to product documentation and the product community platform. And even then, if you are stuck, you can always use our chat support. We are also organizing daily office hours between 6:30 pm and 7:30 pm to answer any questions participating members may have.

Anyone from Quixy or NIT can be part of your team. Each team can have a maximum of 4 members, and each team must appoint a lead. It would be best to look for members with complimenting skill sets to form a well-rounded team. Mostly you need teamwork, enthusiasm, and interest!

The deadline to submit your applications to participate in the event is June 1st 2021, 4 PM (IST). From then, you will have three days to discuss and finalize your application idea in consultation with your assigned mentor, followed by two weeks to build the solution. Deadline to submit the solutions will be July 4th 2021, 11 PM (IST). Post submission, teams will demo their applications to the evaluation team and answer any questions. The final results will be announced in an online event open for all NIT and Quixy associates on July 12th 2021, 5 PM (IST).

The solutions will be evaluated based on the below parameters:

1. Originality of the idea: How original is the problem you are trying to solve? How creative is the solution in terms of addressing the problem?

2. Scope & Impact: To what extent can it help similar teams address their challenges? How practical is the implementation of the solution in the real world?

3. Implementation: How well is the solution executed? Does it demonstrate technical elegance and creativity? Is it scalable? How sophisticated is the use of Quixy?

4. Presentation: How well do you present various aspects of your solution to the evaluation panel and answer their questions?

The following team will form part of the evaluation panel.

1. Dr. Babu Rao

2. Sambasiva Rao

3. Ramesh Kenche

4. Santosh Tarlapally