Success Story

Quixy brings about 30% improvement in Procurement Cycle Time for Ardee Engineering

ardee engineering


Customer Brief

Ardee Engineering Company is a pioneer in Turnkey Electro-Mechanical, Civil & Structural Supply and Erection solution providers mainly for Ports, Power, Steel, Cement, and many other industries. The Company also caters to various Turnkey solutions for Pre-Engineered Buildings (PEB), Heavy Duty Gantry Cranes and Radial Gates, Bulk Material Handling Systems with Engineering, Manufacturing supply and Erection.


Since inception, Aardee had been using manual processes for inventory and procurement management, which became difficult as the company grew. Keeping track of the inventory manually in physical books led to mismatches in recorded vs actual inventory status and delays in fulfilling indent requests from the projects. The need of the hour at Aardee was a solution to automate their processes along with all the associated workflows.

ardee engineering


Quixy was implemented and Aardee was able to bring about automation of all their inventory, indent, procurement and fulfillment processes along with the associated workflows. Project owners were able to raise indent using mobile devices and check the status at any time. Procurement was also being tracked through the system. Based on the procurement and issuance of the inventory items, the inventory status was being automatically updated in the system leaving no scope for any mismatch between the actual and the recorded values.

Benefits Galore

Quixy was customized for Aardee’s Inventory and Procurement management and was developed within 21 days. The company has seen 30% improvement in procurement time after the adoption of the Quixy platform. Dashboards now provide up to date status of inventory.